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About us

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Who we are?

We are a Product review user forum to help you make the best choice!

Many MMA and boxing enthusiasts are looking for opinions and reviews because they have trouble finding specific information about which model or brand of gloves is best for them, why it is the best choice and which gloves have the best quality for the price that is ready to pay.

We will help YOU with specific tips, recommendations, comparisons and guidelines to choose the most appropriate equipment, by offering a selection of specific products evaluated and commented on by all professional sportsmen and non-professional martial arts fans actively participating in our product forums.

The final result for YOU will be the perfect way to gain accurate information about the advantages and disadvantages of your choice.

Hi everyone and welcome to my MMA and Boxing gloves website!

There is no “The best martial” art. There are just the best training and the moment with which you choose to hit. You must be well-prepared for both.


My name is Doychin. I am a big fan of martial arts. All of them. I passed between different styles. Firstly begun with Karate then Aikido. I passed through Kung fu, Judo, Jujitsu, Wing Chung and now I am practicing Boxing and Kickboxing.

And I know it is really, really painful. Mostly in the hands (if they are not well protected).


I decided to create one site to help YOU find the best gloves to match you, to protect you, to win with, to make you champion!

Doychin Paunov

Founder of MMA and Boxing Gloves

Contact me HERE

Hit in the nose! Do you like my gloves? :)