Sanabul gel gloves

Adidas Hybrid 300 Gloves


What you think about the Quality?


Are the Materials and Stitching good?


How about the Closure system?


Is the wrist support ok?


Do they last long?


Are they good for Bag workout?


Are they good for Sparring?


Are they good for all-around training?


Are they good for Competitions?


Are they smell after some usage?



  • Genuine cowhide leather.
  • Ergonomically shaped design.
  • Molding technology.


  • Lack of color selection.

If you want to enhance and develop adequate in-ring punching speed and technique, Adidas Hybrid 300 gloves are the ones!

Made of durable leather, they feature an innovative hook-and-loop closure for a comfortable fit and an easy-to-slip, satin-like lining which assure a high level of security.

They also feature a multi-layer sandwich foam that integrates unique dampening with the absorption of direct impacts. Their added thin layer of horsehair allows extra covering and impact resistance as well.

These choices-level gloves are manufactured with genuine cowhide leather that implies minimum wearing providing extra protection. Their ergonomic shaped design and latest molding technology, permit them a durable construction.
They come in two colors, black and white.

It’s hard to find defects in these gloves besides their lack of color selection. On the other hand, they are impact-resistant, possess ergonomic design, are made of durable materials, depict a no-slip fit and feature a reliable security closure.

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