Sanabul gel gloves

Adidas Speed 300 Hook and Loop Boxing


What you think about the Quality?


Are the Materials and Stitching good?


How about the Closure system?


Is the wrist support ok?


Do they last long?


Are they good for Bag workout?


Are they good for Sparring?


Are they good for all-around training?


Are they good for Competitions?


Are they smell after some usage?



  • 100% genuine cowhide leather.
  • Adidas SDX foam padding.
  • Incredible thumb and wrist support.
  • Reverse D-ring palm.
  • Extra ventilation.


  • Lack of color selection.

Adidas Speed 300 Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves are made of 100% genuine cowhide leather thus ensuring durability in the rudest and heaviest bag training conditions.

They depict a specially-developed Adidas SDX foam padding together with dense foam layers that gather incredible thumb and wrist support providing superb comfort and excellent shock absorption and impact resistance.

These gloves come with a reverse D-ring palm side wrist attachment that assures a custom, no-slip fit. Additionally, it should be said that their satin nylon layers add comfort, long term duration, and extra ventilation, therefore, repelling moisture.

Their price tag ranges from $70 to $80. They also come in a two-color presentation.  Another pair of gloves with a few defects other than the lack of color selection and its price.

Whereas its advantages are many, we can mention the following: durable materials, wrist and thumb protection, customized fit, comfortability, and ventilation.   To summarize, let us say that, in order to rest assured of the outcome, make your choice carefully keeping in mind your own personal needs. Anyhow, feel pleased that the Adidas boxing gloves already evaluated here are some of the finest available in the market.

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