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5 BJJ techniques used in MMA that can save your live!

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an extremely complex martial art – some BJJ techniques are used mainly for sports purposes, but some would save you in unpleasant moments on the street.

We have prepared 5 of the most applicable ones. We remind you, however, that entering a fight is not the most recommended move unless there is no other way out.

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Closed choke is often seen in street fights. Someone knocks down his opponent and stands between his legs. The triangle is the preferred shape because it allows the bottom to be protected from punches, while also offering options for defense. However, it can be extremely dangerous if the one on top turns out to be stronger and keeps his posture. But even then there is a solution.


Using this BJJ technique For self-defense:

Break his posture by pulling with his legs, placing his thigh on one of his arms. Block the other so he can’t hit you. Put your shin on his biceps and put the technique into action. To be safe from his blows, lock him with your hand on your shoulder.


Here is a clear example from Cristiano Marcello and Charles Bennett:


It happens that while the lower one is defending himself from blows, his opponent’s head is under his arm. Once locked, the technique is ruthless, as it is difficult to escape at this point – and no way involves an attack.

For self-defense: When you are controlled from above, hit your opponent in the face with your elbow. This will make him raise his hand to protect his head. When he does that, put your hand under his arm and pull it toward his neck. Turn it over and press it with your shin into your abdomen.


Many of those who did not practice grappling would leave their hands open in a fight. A fatal mistake that the fighters rely on. This technique also helps to protect against the opponent’s blows.


For self-defense: Strike your opponent in the head – if he doesn’t know what to do, he will probably raise his hands. Take advantage of the moment and grab one of his hands, continuing to distract him with blows. Laying your weight on it with one hand, move to the armbar.


Probably the most common of the BJJ techniques for opponents who are behind you. This position is often reached when the fighter below tries to defend himself from the blows of his opponent, turning to the other side.


For self-defense: This locking technique is not difficult. You just have to keep pushing your opponent, hitting him in your attempts to get your hand under his neck. Try to stay on his back for optimal results.


The guillotine is extremely popular in MMA and street fights. Many, even more, experienced grapplers, sometimes leave their necks open. It can also be applied by a closed guard. The guillotine is extremely effective as it is surprising and a fight can end very quickly.


For self-defense: From closed, unlock your legs, stand up and threaten with kimura. When your opponent defends himself, head for his neck. Lock your legs behind him and start suffocating him.

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