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Boxing fan gifts ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ…- 23 Ideas !!!

Let’s check out some boxing fan gift ideas! With Christmas 10 days away, a lot of us are still racking our brains wondering exactly what to get for our loved ones. Something that is not too personal (as that might be intrusive) but not too general (as that shows a lack of appreciation), not too expensive (you don’t want to look ostentatious and showy) but not too cheap (you don’t want to look…well, cheap). And something that matches and befits the likes, needs, and wants of the gift receiver: you want to show you know, care and put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect gift. What a difficult, cumbersome task!

It becomes extra difficult if their hobby is boxing and you want to get them something boxing related, but you have no idea about it yourself: how to find good Christmas gifts for boxing fans? How to find exactly the thing that will make them smile when there are so many different objects to choose from? Not to mention, boxing is just like any other sport: the clothing has different cuts, materials, and fits and so do the gloves… so you might very well end up choosing something that the gift receiver will be uncomfortable in, won’t like, or won’t use! Oh, dear!

The best way to go about this is: will lend you a hand. As experts in the area of boxing, we can help guide you along by offering you some general, broad categories to choose from, and then you do the rest of the work by investigating exactly what your boxer might like, need, how do their like their cuts and materials or what gift might be the best for them (just do it carefully so you don’t spoil the surprise ! Trying to guess what a gift might be is half of the fun !)

Punch tracker

Punch trackers are small devices that monitor, or track, your movements. It helps you find out the speed of your punches, their strength, the velocity, and where they will land in a way the naked human eye never could. Some of them allow you to get feedback between rounds or immediately at any time! These devices are excellent both for the person training for fitness but also for the person training competitively; as they allow you to calculate how much strain you are putting on yourself, how hard you are working, and how to maximize your potential by getting the most out of your punches.

NET PLAYZ Combat Force Tracker, Boxing Punch Tracker, Highly Sensitive Sensor for Kickboxing, MMA, Karate, Taekwondo

Specially designed non-wearable device to make martial art training easier like never before. With advanced sensor and ai, you will get instant feedba…

Fist Reflex Ball

A fist reflex ball is a ball attached to an elastic cord that attaches to a headband. If you punch it, the ball will bounce back at you. This is excellent to help you train your reflexes and your ducking reactions, which will help you avoid your opponent’s punches to the best of your abilities. This gift is especially good for those that are just starting out, but are looking to box competitively: while they are yet not well-trained enough to dodge human punches accurately, this reflex ball is a good first step to get there fast.

Desktop Stress buster

This small punch bag is specifically created so you can use it just about anywhere: at home, at work, in the garage…Anywhere and anytime you will be able to squeeze a few punches in, which maximizes your training time and keeps you in tip-top shape. This gift is perfect for those that want to stay on top of their game but do not have enough time to go to the gym and train every day.

Favorite Fighter’s Signed Photo

This one speaks for itself. A rather sentimental and touching gift, a signed photo of their favorite fighter is sure to show them how much you care and it shouldn’t be difficult to find in any store.

Jesse Taylor Signed 8×10 Photo UFC The Ultimate Fighter 7 25 Picture Autograph 6 – Autographed NFL Photos

Jesse Taylor Signed 8×10 Photo UFC The Ultimate Fighter 7 25 Picture Autograph 6 If a product is unsigned or non game-used, a hologram will not be inc…

Shorts, robes, and t-shirts

This gift, as mentioned before, might be a little bit complicated as everybody has a particular fit, a particular material, a particular style they favor. However, no one is ungrateful enough to reject a good, nice piece of clothing and comfortable robes are always handy! Try to figure out what your boxer likes and go from there.

Tuff Sport Muay Thai Shorts Boxing Shorts Trunks Kick Martial Arts Training Gym Clothing

Outstanding design with hand stitched patterns. Made of micro fiber fabric. Light weight, sweat free and quick dry. Size S Waist 26″ Size M Waist 28″ …

Venum Men’s Classic

Venum’s best classic t-shirt: The Giant. The design focuses on the snake logo. A strong and aggressive design.

Pair of boxing gloves

Boxing gloves always come extremely handy to boxers and it is really nice to have a replacement pair on the back burner. This gift involves a lot of guessing as uncomfortable gloves can really affect somebody’s performance, and you really don’t want that. You will need to figure out what fit they prefer, which are gloves with the best wrist support, what type of closure they like, attached or separate thumb…

Fortunately, the โ€œHayabusaโ€ has taken care of you! They have created the perfect boxing glove worthy of your hero.

Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Gloves for Men and Women

Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Gloves are award-winning boxing gloves with world-renowned wrist support and hand protection. Each glove is meticulo…

Boxing pendants and jewelry

If they really love boxing they will probably want to show it in every aspect of their life, and that is why you can never go wrong with boxing accessories. A cute boxing glove necklace, a bracelet, or some nice earrings will always be well received and they are a nice, cute, little hint to their love of boxing.

925 sterling silver necklace for men pendants for mens necklace pendant vintage boxing glove necklace chain music necklace box mens gift

Oxidized 925 sterling silver pendant shaped like a miniature boxing glove with fine details.The perfect present for boxers and fans of sport!Hanging o…

Posters, pictures, and memorabilia

This is one of the oldest and most reliable gifts in the books. If they adore boxing they probably want to showcase it in every facet of their life and doing so through posters is easy, cheap, and good-looking. Posters, postcards, pencils, notebooks… all of them are perfect to put a smile on your little boxer’s face!

Autographed gloves and trunks

This one they might never use, but neither you nor them will mind. It will become one of their most treasured pieces, if not the most well-loved, cherished one.

Ray Mercer Signed Autographed Black Boxing Trunks – JSA COA

A fantastic pair of boxing trunks hand-signed by boxing legend Ray Mercer. It includes a lifetime guarantee of authenticity COA and matching serial-nu…

Safety and protective equipment

Safety always comes first in boxing and you can never take too many precautions. Protective gear such as helmets and mouth guards will show just how much you care about them, their safety, and their well being and they are a personal gift that is sure to get some use: protective equipment, even if it is uncomfortable, is much better than no protective gear at all.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Carbon Convertible Mouth Guard

This is high profile comfort and protection in a low-profile design. Fully revamped for 2017, gel max power features a tight, natural fit and a reinfo…

Heavy Bag

When it comes to boxing fan gifts you can’t go wrong with a heavy bag. This punching bag is the best tool boxers have to train the strength and velocity of their punch and their reflexes. A heavy bag is where a boxer is made, so there is not a single one who wouldn’t use such a thoughtful gift.

Imitation Belts

Boxers love boxing paraphernalia, especially if they are just starting out. An imitation belt from their favorite competition helps them keep their eyes on the goal (if they are looking to compete professionally) and it makes a great piece of decoration (if they are not looking to compete). Plus, it will put a big smile on your little boxer’s face when they can use it to pretend to be the world’s heavyweight champion!

WBC Championship Boxing Belt 3D Replica Adult Titles


Boxing fight bell gongs & gym timers

Boxing gongs and timers are excellent to help keep track of how long a round is, how tired you are making yourself before the end of the round and they add a new layer of immersion to your workout; so they are perfect for the newbie that is looking to go professional.

Ringside Boxing Wrestling Fight Bell Ring Gong

Extra large 10″ gong with a brass hammer has a great tone that can be heard in any arena

Boxing Socks

Boxing socks are shaped with supports and reinforcements in a particular way that holds the foot together in a more comfortable and safe way, preventing injuries and preventing you from getting tired by promoting blood flow. They are a little extra comfort that brings your work out to the next level, so they are excellent for the dedicated, seasoned boxer.

Sanabul Foot Grips for MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Yoga

The Cleanest Option: Socks on the mat may seem cleaner, can be just as dirty as bare feet and often carry the same odor. Sanabul foot grips are made from material that wonโ€™t collect as much grime and is more resistant to sweat Tested By Pro’s, Created For You: The top names in the sport rep Sanabul, such as legendary coach John Danaher. They put our designs through the ringer, so you can trust what youโ€™re wearing has the same grit as you

Deep Tissue massager

ย Training every day for long hours works your muscles a lot, and you are bound to experience some soreness and pain that might prevent you from training to the fullest. Through a deep tissue massage, you will be helping the muscles “ease up” and “relax”, promoting blood flow and preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Just about anybody needs a deep tissue massager in their lives, but this gift is particularly needed by boxers that train professionally, as their workouts are extra intense and extra hard on their body (and they also need to maximize their performance).

TOLOCO Massage Gun, Upgrade Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes, Handheld Deep Tissue Massager, Black

Massage gun, can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, promote blood circulation, relieve lactic acid, and let you enjoy the comfortable experience brought by deep tissue massage gun Muscle massage gun, 20 speed levels, from low, medium to high, bringing different intensity massage experience

Handgrip strengthener

When we talk about boxing, we immediately think about punching: that’s the quintessential mark of a boxer. However, there are many more things to a good punch than punch strength and a hand grip strengthener is one of the best boxing fan gifts as it strengthens muscles and tendons that aren’t usually trained that much. A hand grip strengthener is a wonderful gift for any boxer, as it helps prevent injuries and keeps your hands and wrists in tip-top shape.

Punching mitts

When we think about boxing fan gifts, we think immediately about boxing gloves and we forget about mitts. Mitts are incredibly important as it helps develop your reflexes and visual acuity while helping you gain better strength and faster reaction times. In addition, you can add the gift extra special by helping them use the punching mitts and training casually with them: just like that you have turned a wonderful gift into some quality time together!

Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Confused about which boxing punch mitts to buy? Spend less time searching and more time training. There are many reasons why Sanabul is the #1 POPULAR CHOICE for punch mitts, boxing gloves and many other products for combat sports and martial arts. We are an interesting leading brand thats trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers just like you

Boxing room decoration

When you get into boxing, it tends to become your life and you want to broadcast it to the world. There are few better ways to do so than through boxing room decoration. Posters, belts, pictures of their favorite boxer… even blankets! Just about anything and everything you could ever think about can be decorated with boxing details and motifs. If you are looking for a particular object and you cannot find it, some enterprises will allow you to customize almost any object: from t-shirts to water bottles; so you might be lucky there!

SUPERIORVZND 3D Visual Boxing Man LED Night Light Touch Table Desk Optical Illusion Lamps 7 Color Changing Lights Home Decoration Xmas Birthday Gift

How to use: Tear off the protective film on both sides of the light guide plate so that the light will be brighterInsert acrylic panel into the LED ba…

Battle Ropes

ย If your gym doesn’t specialize in training boxers, it is quite likely it will be missing some important equipment such as battle ropes. This wonderful work out tool allows you to train your strength, speed, and endurance through repetitive “waving motions”, and it is one of the most well-loved tools for boxers as it reduces the impact on the joints while it increases the muscular demand and trains muscular endurance. If you know your boxer has a home gym or a little bit of room in their garage, battle ropes are about the best gift they could ever get!

Gym Bag

Gym bags might seem like quite the generic gift, but they are always well received. They help you come and go from the gym, keeping all your clothing, tools, and water bottles together, helping you stay organized… and they can be personalized. Their name, the name of their favorite boxer, or some boxing motifs: they will be the coolest person in the gym. Young boxers love this one because it allows them to show off their individuality.

Cleto Reyes Gym Bag

Cleto Reyes technology delivers an element-battling, highly quality finish. Tough, abrasion-resistant bottom & side panels .Large front zippered organ…

Boxing boots

When you box, protecting your hands is crucial; but you must not neglect your feet game either. If you want to prevent injuries, move as fast as you can, and perform to the peak of your abilities you are going to need some high-quality boots that not only keep your feet protected band all the delicate bones held together; but also allows you to move freely without restricting you too much. This gift might be a little complicated: you will have to secretly figure out what size shoe they wear and how to do they like their fit!

Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Undefeated in every sense of the word, these sport-specific shoes combine style and substance to produce elite class performance.

Collectible Boxing Figurines:

This gift is perfect for the newbie Lil boxer that has just started discovering this sport. At this stage, their fascination with boxing is incredibly big and they will want just about anything they can get to showcase their love. A collectible figurine of their favorite boxer will put a smile on their face!

MuayThai Boxing Decor Statue Decorations Collectibles TJ Decorantions (Black Tattoo)

Polyresin muay Thai model, resin decoration , gift , Souvenir from Thailand resin,animal resin,decoration,statue,home decoration

King of the world: Fall and Rise of an American Hero

ย There is not a single person in the world that has never heard of Muhammad Ali(even those that don’t like boxing). The famous boxing champion became a star because of his incredible abilities: “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Even if Muhammad Ali is not your boxer’s favorite champion, they will still appreciate this book on one of boxing’s most prominent figures

King of the World

There had been mythic sports figures before Cassius Clay, but when he burst upon the sports scene in the 1950s, he broke the mold. Those were the years when boxing and boxers were at the mercy of the mob and the whim of the sportswriters. If you wanted a shot at a title, you did it their way.

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