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Boxing Gears -When Should You Get Them Replaced

Have you ever thought about which type of sport is the toughest to perform? There are different views regarding this, but one sport that attests to difficult and challenging aspects is boxing. A boxer wearing boxing gloves and head guard to work out or punching the heavy bag requires a lot of endurance and stamina. The standard 3-minute rounds in the boxing competition seem short, but in reality, it is the longest duration for the boxers. You can suffer from various injuries if you are not wearing the right gear. The boxing gloves are to protect your hands and head guards to protect your head, skull, and teeth from the aggressive strike of the opponent.

Keeping your boxing gears in good condition is also essential. Keep your head guards dry and protect it from moisture. Always clean your boxing gloves and head guards with a mild cleanser and remove the extra cleaning with a humid cloth and then wipe it with the soft cloth. It is recommended to never use chemicals, paint thinner, alcohol, and strong detergents for cleaning. Otherwise, it can damage the surface of your boxing gears.

However, when the boxing gears get stinky, damaged, or just got old, then it is time to get them replaced. Below we are going to discuss when you should get your gear changed.

Boxing Shoes

The best and accurate time of replacing the shoes is after every 6 months. This also depends on the frequency of use, for instance, 6 times per week, 4 weeks a month, or 6 months. So this makes approximately 144 rounds.

So how will you keep track of the times it has been used? Simply by writing the number of rounds, you take off each sparring session and the minutes.

Once you observe your shoe soles are loosening from the upper portion of the shoe or your ankle support is loosening, then you need to replace them. If not, you can suffer from rolled ankles or potential foot injuries.

There is a big difference between boxing shoes and running shoes, so avoid using them interchangeably. Boxing shoes have lightweight soles and are made with materials that are not for hard surfaces or outdoor activities. If you use them outside the ring, they will wear out quickly and won’t be able to provide the proper support.

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Bag Or Training Gloves

They should be replaced after every 8 to 9 months depending on the frequency of use. This makes if used 5 times per week, 4 weeks in a single month or 6 months. So this makes approximately 120 rounds. Keep the record of it by noting down the number of rounds you take and the minutes they are used.

When the padding of the training gloves are smashed, or you feel the impact of the strike on your knuckles, although wearing the glove, then you need to get them replaced immediately to avert potential hand injuries.

Avoid using bag gloves and sparring gloves in exchange for each other. The punching bags have a harder surface, so when you hit them with sparring gloves is can damage them. So the training gloves are the best for the rougher surface of the punching bags.

Sparring Gloves

This sports gear should be replaced after every 6 months of use. This means 3 times per week, 4 weeks in a month, or 6 months. This makes it 72 rounds. Always keep track of the rounds you take for each sparring session and the minutes they were used for training.

When the leather or any other material the gloves are made from around the knuckles gets cracked or begins to show excessive wear, then replace them immediately. There should be at least 1.5 to 2 inches of padding available across the knuckle. If you keep on using them with less amount of padding, then the likelihood of getting yourself injured increases.

To increase the life of your sparring gloves, all you have to do is properly clean them after every use. Remove all the excess body oils, sweat, and salts that can become the reason for breaking down the leather or foam structure. After each workout allows them to get dry thoroughly. It will prevent the accumulation of potential mold, bacteria, and fungus.

Hand Wraps

The best time for replacing the hand wraps is after every 4-5 months. It also depends on the frequency of use and how properly you keep them in good condition.

Let them dry after each workout session, wash them regularly, and keep free from tears, and you can get to use them for a longer period of time.

Avoid putting your hand wraps into your gym bags after the workout session. Keeping them clean and dry is a must. By having fresh and new wraps, you are keeping your gloves free from bacteria, mold, or mildew and free from foul odors.


Your head guard needs to be replaced after 9 months and also depending on the frequency of use, considering it has been used 2-3 times per week. 3 times within a week, 4 weeks in a month, or 9 months. This makes it about 108 rounds.

The head guard does not generally take a great deal of pounding and punishment, as gloves do. It is not involved in direct contact, and it does not have to absorb a lot of pressure and does not take consistent abuse.

To increase the life of your head guard, it is necessary to clean it after every use. By removing the extra body oils, sweat, that damages the leather, interior material, and foam structure, you will get better high-quality wear from your head guard. Further, allow it to dry thoroughly between every workout to avert the build-up of mold, bacteria, and moldy conditions.


Replacing your boxing gears at the right time is necessary because it will save you from potential injuries. Also, by taking care of it, you can increase its life and can use it for a longer period of time.

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