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Boxing pads-your best friends in the gym!

Boxing pads are basic accessories in boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts as well as in many training programs. But do you know what?

Very few people use it! This is very bad because they do not know the benefits they miss.

Do I need them?

They are flat hand pads that are about 12 cm in diameter. They are usually made of thick leather or vinyl.

Boxing pads can easily be found…almost all good sports stores have to sell them. They are also easy to use … everything you need is a partner to keep them!

They are cheap, portable and an excellent investment for your workouts, allowing you to diversify your exercises. If you still wonder do you need them, here are some of their benefits.

They make the exercises varied and interesting.

Using a partner with boxing pads allows you to perform a wide variety of workouts and “fighting games.” Since there are so many ways to use them, you can easily make your workouts varied and interesting.

And most importantly … if you like doing something interesting to you, you’ll do it more often.

Boxing pads are portable.

Unlike most fitness accessories, box pads are small, lightweight, and extremely portable. You can throw them in the sports bag without taking up much space.

Because they do not need much space or a special fit, you can use them anywhere, even in a small room where the fitness equipment is insufficient.

 Develop the striking force and speed.

If you want to learn how to hit correctly, and quickly, surely use box pads!

If you already know this, but want to improve these skills, I recommend the boxing pads again.

Because they are relatively small, they stimulate your impact accuracy. And due to the ability to be moved by your partner in different positions and at different angles, they are one of the best means of exercising combined strokes.

Boxing pads improve your sparring and combat skills

Boxing pads play an important role in offensive or defense training. One of the main reasons why boxers choose boxing training is to develop an offensive strategy to be used during combat and training.

If you’ve ever seen good sparring between advanced fighters, you’ve probably noticed how they can react to the blow before it’s done. They seem to have the ability to read the thoughts of their partner!

What happens is that when a fighter is hit or kicked, again and again, his brain begins to interpret the meaning of certain positions, weight distributions, and body signals.

Your partner or coach can mimic different moves that will take place during a fight, and understanding how to defend is crucial to any boxer.

By chasing and hitting the boxing pads, you begin to acquire the ability to “recognize images”, which will improve your ability to anticipate and protect yourself from any impact.

What you should consider when buying boxing pads.

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Variations of Boxing Pads

Choosing a decent pair of boxing pads means choosing the type that is most suitable for the main person or people using them.

There are two main types :

Pads that are held in the hand and are completely straight.

  • Recommended for beginners that are starting to learn various combinations and routines.
  • It can be used for all different types of punches.
  • They May need to be broken in before they feel comfortable while being used.
  • Straight Hook and Jab Pads
  • Strength of Pad Holder

    Curved Hook and Jab

    • Pads look very similar to straight ones but are curved at the top.
    • Many newer pads are made like this, as they are more comfortable for the person wearing them.
    • More suitable for advanced boxers due to the fact more is achievable once the combinations and punches have been practiced many times.
    • Pads focus on hooks and uppercuts and are hard to use for any other type of punch.
    • Make sure the person you are training with is strong enough to take the punches being thrown.

      Someone with a similar fitness level is perfect and training with them over a long period ensures that both people will be able to train at a level that is productive for both.


      Many companies manufacture pads and choosing the right one is usually down to personal preference.


      The amount that pads are being sold for is likely to vary massively from one product to another.

      Many factors will affect the price including the brand, material used, and whether they are curved or straight pads.


      Boxing gloves must be worn when hitting pads to ensure that no damage to the knuckles is sustained during training.

      Some suggestions

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