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Boxing Styles And Techniques-How To Know What Is Your Style?

Let`s talk about the different boxing styles!

Boxing was first created in Ancient Rome and become a home of Englan in the 1700s. Jack’ Broughton, is known as a father of boxing, and English boxing champion of its era. Since then, various boxing training rules were implemented and altered as per the safety requirements, and now it has become one of the popular sports around the world and is acknowledged by the Olympics as well. It has a simple game rule, punch your opponent till he/she gets knocked out, gives up, or at the end of the round when the bell rings.


How the interesting fact of this is every boxer has a unique boxing style and technique, and it depends on their strengths, skill levels, and other attributes. The combination of defensive and offensive styles originated from different boxing styles, and it is important that every boxer needs to know his/her boxing style. Here we will discuss the 5 important styles of boxing.


Pressure Fighter


In this boxing style, the boxer has to release a good amount of punches on the opponent. When the boxer swarms, multiple combinations of punches allow him/her to overcome the opponent, and it keeps them in the defensive position for longer periods of time. Since the main theme of the boxing is to remain in the offensive mode and a solid stream of punches also scores major points with the judges.


While we cannot neglect the importance of defense, but in modern boxing, judges prefer those who take the initiative and is on the offensive side. This is the hallmark of the pressure fighter. Starting it first and puts significant pressure on the opponent with punches. Don’t forget; this style also requires great cardiovascular strength and supreme conditioning.


Pressure fighting is the famous style in boxing and is used by many well-known boxers like Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, Roberto Duran, and Julio Cesar Chavez.




The out-breaker style is totally opposite of the pressure fighter style. In this, the boxer stays on the outside and using the range as a weapon, and ultimately the goal is to keep the opponent at bay with dodging techniques.


Out-boxes have wide wingspreads, have a certain height that gives them advantages over their opponents. They use a long, large, and effective punch and out-boxers mostly overcome their opponents with pinpoint accuracy. It includes the connecting shots from the outside and prevents the opponents from closing gaps and getting on the inside.


This boxing style uses a special technique, and that is to defeat the opponent by scoring knock-outs and get the judge’s decision in their favor. It also means breaking the opponent with clean, precise punching and take out the opponent methodically.  Deontay Wilder, Mayweather Jr., and Muhammad Ali use this technique.




Slugger boxing styles involve little strategy because the main point in this is to overcome the opponent using strength and aggressive force. Sluggers are not afraid to take punches and ask to avoid trading punches with them. They love and relish the punches, and they give their fans what they want, and it is entertainment. You cannot say that these are the mindless fighters because it also technically involves a great deal of fighting techniques. However, it is not evident at once. Their fighting technique is unique as it allows the striker to force their way in and push the opponent along the ropes into corners. All you need in this style is the leadership quality and knowing how to cut off the ring. Notable sluggers are Ricky Hatton, the late Arturo Gatti, and Micky Ward.


 Counter Puncher


Counter-puncher boxers are considered as the most precise and accurate practitioners. They are known for their amazing, intense level skill, great talent, and flawless fighting technique. Their quick punches make the opponent lose their control, and they attack them with aggressive damaging and counter shots.


Their fighting techniques can agitate the opponent easily when they are presented with hittable targets and then gracefully slipping their way out of the harm coming their way and delivering amazing accurate counters. The profound knowledge and skill these counter punchers possess are abysmal.


One disadvantage of being a counter puncher is the lack of action. Frequently, counter punchers are at the reactive side of fights, holding back and observing their fighting party to commit to their offense so they can function with laser-like accuracy. Because of this, counter punchers are hardly the aggressors in a round and can be outworked at instances. Famous counter punchers include Cuban Olympic gold medalist Guillermo “El Chacal” Rigondeaux, multiple-division Mexican boxing legend Juan Manuel Marquez, and all-time favorite Ray Robinson.




This type of boxer is the impulsive one in the sport and usually combines all the styles into one. This type of boxing style can seamlessly switch between being a pressure fighter to a methodical out-boxer that is waiting for the opening to close the gap.


This boxing style also has a unique technique, and that is starting from the outside and working their way in, making use of multiple combinations from a distance to make their opponents baffled and compel them to make mistakes. They take good advantage of their opponent’s mistakes and the openings. When their opponents are wounded, boxer punches exactly know how to push the opponent to the metal and finish the job.


Boxer-punchers are extremely difficult to deal with because their offensive technique is so different. They give distinctive looks in each round and are amazingly reactive to their opponent’s style. One aspect where boxer-punchers frequently lack, however, is on the defense level. These boxer-punchers often do not pay attention to defense and are only looking forward to selling off their combinations in the best possible way.


Notable boxer-punchers include heavyweight legend Mike Tyson, Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, and the amazingly fast Ray Leonard.


So, now you know the different styles of boxing, you can choosing or observe which styles is yours and master it.

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