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There are several common mistakes, especially when it comes to heavy workout for beginners. In this article, I will focus on these mistakes.

I will try to explain what to do and what not, with the idea of ​​saving you valuable time that you can use to improve your technique and condition.

Are you ready? let’s get started then!

Heavy bag workout for beginners. Mistake №1

It is enough to do many and powerful punches! “-Error!

Do not hit the heavy bag as if you were trying to tear it off!
Punching the bag hard at the expense of proper technique is a big mistake. First, learn how to hit properly. Shooting machine-gun punches will not make you a champion. If you don`t consider the technique you will stifle your progress.

The only things you’ll achieve are pumping your ego and burning a lot of calories.
Even if you make a thousand strikes, you will not be a good boxer unless you have the right technique to perform.

The proper heavy bag workout allows you to understand how and why different techniques work and then let you use them successfully when you get into the ring.

Correction: Define clear goals for your workout! Practice only one punch until you learn to perform it technically correctly.

It is not so important to break the punching bag with heavy strikes. it’s more important first to put something very simple into your goal – studying the correct and clean technique of each hit is essential when working with a heavy bag.

My advice is to put a camera near you and capture your movements when you are hitting.

Thus you will find your imperfections much easier and will be able to make the right adjustments. Do not forget that small details guarantee the achieving of the big goals.

If you don’t remember those words, sooner or later you will break some bone.  I said already several times-the speed and power will come after learning how to strike properly.

Mistake №2

“You don’t need to move around the heavy bag! ” Big mistake!

This habit will turn you into a big slow heavy bag for your opponent.
You don’t want that!

Correction:  Work on foot movement and attacks from different angles!
Try to move with your feet while diverting and attacking from different angles.  You should practice entering in close range, hitting and exiting at a safe distance!

Mistake №3

Raised head.

The raised head is an ideal target. Keep your chin tucked down towards your chest and cover with your shoulder. Be like without head or somebody will take her down.

Mistake №4

Three punches are enough.

Mistake! If you are facing a skilled fighter, working only with a series of three beats is insufficient. You will be lucky if you land even one punch.

My opinion is that a combination of 4-6 hits is perfect. For example left hook, right uppercut, left uppercut, right hook and finish with a left jab.


There are many tricks you can use to improve your abilities to workout correctly with the heavy bag. Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes will greatly improve your skills and when it comes time to face an opponent in the ring or in a sparring session you will find out the benefits you will get by following these tips.

So,  take your best pair of bag gloves and go to practice!

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