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How to choose boxing gloves! F.A.Q.

let’s talk about some frequently asked questions about how to choose the perfect boxing gloves!

How to choose boxing gloves? What kind of boxing gloves do I need!?

Check the answer HERE!

How to choose boxing gloves? What oz boxing gloves do I need?

To find out which size is best for you, you will need three things: your weight, the circumference of your arm and the purpose. The glove sizes are displayed as an ounce or oz. The more you weigh, the heavier your gloves should be.

Your Weight

40-54 kg 8 oz.- 12 oz
54-68 kg 12 oz.- 14 oz
68-84 kg 14 oz-16 oz.
84+ kg 16 oz. +

Your Hand Circumference

5.5” – 6.5” 8 oz.- 12 oz
6.5” – 7.5” 12 oz.- 14 oz
7.5” – 8.5” 14 oz-16 oz.
8.5” – 9.5”+ 16 oz. +

Your style

You must determine what style of gloves you need!

Your weight

Up to 45 kg

  • Bag gloves: 6-8 oz
  • Sparring gloves: 8-12 oz
  • Training gloves: 8-12 oz
  • Competition gloves: 8 oz

45-68 kg

  • Bag gloves: 10-12 oz
  • Sparring gloves: 12-14 oz
  • Training gloves: 12-14 oz
  • Competition gloves: 10 oz

68-84 kg

  • Bag gloves: 12-14 oz
  • Sparring gloves: 14-16 oz
  • Training gloves: 14-16 oz
  • Competition gloves: 12 oz

84+ kg

  • Bag gloves: 16-18 oz
  • Sparring gloves : 16-18 + oz
  • Training gloves: 16-18 + oz
  • Competition gloves: 12-16 oz

Your boxing gloves should have a snug, comfortable fit, with your fingertips able to reach the top of your gloves and it should not be hard for you to make a fist.

*In terms of perfect fitting, the circumference of the arm will be a superior indicator of size.

How to choose boxing gloves? What material are boxing gloves made from?

The materials used for boxing gloves are vinyl, synthetic leather, and leather. Gloves made of vinyl or synthetic leather are usually less expensive. The expensive gloves are typically made out of leather. They are much more durable.

Sparring gloves are stuffed with a softer type of foam. Training gloves are made with medium foam and bag training gloves with harder foam. If you use sparring and training gloves against a heavy bag you can rapidly damage them.

Vinyl: Vinyl gloves are the cheapest gloves. Vinyl typically won’t stand up to the test of time. In long term usage, they will become sweaty and smelly inside.

Polyurethane (synthetic)  leather: Polyurethane is manufactured leather and looks like genuine leather and made to be durable; the gloves will last much longer than vinyl gloves.  Polyurethane gloves as a good starting glove.

Genuine Leather + Synthetic leather: Better than  the Synthetic gloves and worse than the 100% leather genuine gloves

100 % genuine leather: Real  100% leather, the choice of Professionals.  Leather gloves also gradually mold to your hand shape and become better fitting in time.

What are boxing gloves filled with?

Boxing gloves filling is for one purpose only: to protect your hands and knuckles from injuries. There are several types of padding:

Horsehair Old style padding. Usually used in “punching glove ”.  Reduced padding may do more damage to your hand meanwhile do powerful punches to the opponent.  Best choice for competition gloves. Last long compared with foam gloves.

Firm foam: More versatile than horsehair gloves and more durable than the soft foamed gloves

Soft foam: Soft foam needs to be replaced more often. This is a good choice for sparring gloves where the main accent is comfort and protection of the partner.

Multi-layer padding: Layered foam usually is more compact over the knuckles. Premium gloves are all made from layered foams.


 What closure to choose?

Hook and Loop: Hook and loop is a fastener closure system. The rough side is called a hook. Its softer mate is called a loop. The hooks engage in the loop and provide the closure mechanism.

Choose it if you want to put on the gloves faster.

Velcro wraparound: Wrapping straps that are made of Velcro. They are normally padded to give more support to the wrist.

Choose it, if you have problematic wrists.

Laces: The traditional method of closing boxing gloves. The gloves are tied from the wrist to the lower hand using the laces. This method gives the best fit and also protects the hand properly but you will need a partner to help you take the gloves off

Choose if you are a professional competitor.

How much do boxing gloves cost?


Up to $20: Toy or gloves?  Buy these for your child! Don’t ever put these on in a real boxing gym.

$20- $50:Entry-level budget boxing gloves.

$50-$90: Middle range quality boxing gloves. The best value at this range

$90-$150:Upper middle range. Many of  MMA and Boxing glove brands have their best models at around this range.

 $150-$400:The pro-style boxing gloves. The best, but unless you are a serious boxer or professional fighter, you don’t need these.

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