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Right MMA Gloves Size Provides Ultimate Protection

You might have witnessed two players fighting in a ring of six sides, each striking punches and kicks at the opponent. This sport is known as MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. The subcategories of MMA include karate, judo, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and kickboxing. In this, the players use both their hands and feet, and that what makes it different from the boxing. The techniques used to fight off the opponent is striking and grappling, getting the opponent to surrender. Another interesting fact related to MMA is that it is not an Olympic approved sport.


Earlier MMA was considered as the most dangerous sport because it resulted in the death of the players, but this is not anymore. UFC has enforced a lot of rules since 1993, and this has made the sport more safer to watch as well. It is now considered a sport that is in accordance with wrestling and boxing.


However, the main aspect of this sport is that the fighters must use MMA gloves during their fights. It protects both them and others. There are also certain rules regarding the use of gears, and the individual must follow them, and it is basically related to their weight and equipment. Gloves are the only equipment that is used, and fingerless gloves help the players in grappling. Bruises on the hands are averted using these gloves and other damages to the fist.

If you ask what MMA gloves size to choose, let us explain something!

Gloves are available in weights, not sizes, and they can be from the lighter to heavier ones. There are two categories of gloves that are:


  1. Pro fighters use 4oz MMA gloves during a fight.


  1. The beginners who have just started getting training have to wear gloves that are 6 oz, which is heavier. The primary reason is they are new to this sport, and they need to protect their fists.


Various issues have been reported regarding the safety of the gloves. It is observed that when a person hits the opponent, it can cause injuries to the eye and brain, and this can be fatal. This is considered illegal in the MMA fight but is accepted in boxing and has caused various serious damages that are quite dangerous. So these gloves are used to defend from injuries.


Several researches have been conducted to know what weight of gloves causes more injuries, and it was revealed that big gloves are more dangerous than the lighter ones. In the past, hitting on the head was avoided because it can lead to death, and at that time, gloves were not introduced. The two types of gloves are 4oz for the professionals and 6oz for the beginners, and to avoid injuries, 6oz is recommended.


Buying the Right Type of MMA Gloves

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What is one thing that an MMA fighter cannot survive without? And the answer is their pair of MMA gloves. There are manufactured keeping in mind to serve a variety of purposes, and that is to protect:


  1. Your hand bones
  2. Your knuckles
  3. Your wrist from aggressive extending during grappling and striking
  4. Open palm design that helps in quick shifting between grappling and striking during the fight


Now let us discuss the features of the different types of MMA Gloves.


4Oz is the most common pair of MMA Gloves size for fighting. This glove is utilized in all types of mixed martial arts sports. There is light padding around the knuckles with the supportive wrist wrap and open palm design. This glove is ideal for fighting and grappling but not for sparring. It is because of the less quantity of padding.

6Oz MMA sparring gloves have extra padding fitted inside to protect the knuckles as compared to the 4Oz MMA gloves size. This type of glove also has an open palm design, but it is ideal for grappling training and not for the MMA competition fighting.

Customized MMA gloves are the specialized type of MMA Gloves. It is because of the increasing popularity of the Martial Arts several companies have come forward and offering customized services. In this, you can choose the color, materials, and density of padding foam and variations of the strap. However, these types of gloves cost you more, but you can have a pair of gloves that are personalized for your fighting needs. So you will get what you pay for, which is the best.


How to determine which glove is best for you?


As we already discussed that there are several types of MMA gloves, and all of them have certain features and designs that attract the large majority of fighters. However, one mind-boggling question still remains, and that is how one determines which MMA glove is best for him or her? There are some best ways to determine the gloves that will ideally fit the fighters.


The first and foremost thing that helps a fighter what type of glove he/she needs is the type of training they are getting. If he is just training for fun and to keep themselves fit and not to become a professional fighter, then 6Oz sparring gloves will do the trick because they are used for grappling and sparring or when hitting the punch bag. If you want to become a pro fighter or have a competition, then a pair of 4Oz gloves will be needed. Sometimes people keep both types of gloves. They will serve their purpose.


After identifying what form of MMA gloves, you need to get, you can always go online and check out the various new designs and kinds of MMA gloves. Evaluate prices and read reviews from the previous buyers. That is the best way to buy if a pair of gloves will be worth the money. Most websites also have a review section, and it’s there that you will find impartial critiques from different fighters about all the top branded MMA gloves. Get at least 2-3 opinions, and you will be capable of picking the right pair for you. Also, make sure that the online shop that is selling gloves uses the premium fabric and not of low-quality.


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