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Let“s check some boxing fan gifts ideas! With Christmas 10 days away, a lot of us are still racking our brains wondering exactly what to get for our loved ones. Something that is not too personal (as that might be intrusive) but not too general (as that shows lack of appreciation), not too expensive (you don’t want to look ostentatious and showy) but not too cheap (you don’t want to look…well, cheap). And something that matches and befits the likes, needs, and wants of the gift receiver: you want to show you know, care and put a lot of thought on choosing the perfect gift. What a difficult, cumbersome task!

It becomes extra difficult if their hobby is boxing and you want to get them something boxing related, but you have no idea about it yourself: how to find good Christmas gifts for boxing fans? How to find exactly the thing that will make them smile when there are so many different objects to choose from? Not to mention, boxing is just like any other sport: the clothing has different cuts, materials, and fits and so do the gloves… so you might very ell end up choosing something that the gift receiver will be uncomfortable in, won’t like, or won’t use! Oh, dear!

The best way to go about this is: we will lend you a hand. As experts in the area of boxing, we can help guide you along by offering you some general, broad categories to choose from, and then you do the rest of the work by investigating exactly what your boxer might like, need, how do their like their cuts and materials or what gift might be the best for them (just do it carefully so you don’t spoil the surprise ! Trying to guess what a gift might be is half of the fun !)


23 boxing fan gifts ideas

  1. Punch tracker
  2. Fist Reflex Ball
  3. Desktop Stress buster
  4. Favorite Fighter’s Signed Photo
  5. Shorts, robes, and t-shirts
  6. Pair of hero boxing gloves
  7. Boxing pendants and jewelry
  8. Posters, pictures, and memorabilia
  9. Autographed gloves and trunks
  10. Safety, protective equipment
  11. Heavy Bag
  12. Imitation Belts
  13. Boxing fight bell gongs & gym timers
  14. Boxing Socks
  15. Deep Tissue massager
  16. Handgrip strengthener
  17. Punching mitts
  18. Boxing room decoration
  19. Battle Ropes
  20. Gym Bag
  21. Boxing boots
  22. Collectible Boxing Figurines
  23. King of the world: Fall and Rise of an American Hero

A punch tracker: Punch trackers are small devices that monitor, or track, your movements. It helps you find out the speed of your punches, their strength, the velocity, and where they will land in a way the naked human eye never could. Some of them allow you to get feedback between rounds or immediately at any time! These devices are excellent both for the person training for fitness but also for the person training competitively; as they allow you to calculate how much strain you are putting on yourself, how hard you are working, and how to maximize your potential by getting the most out of your punches.


UFC Combat Force Tracker, Boxing Punch Tracker, Highly Sensitive Sensor for Kickboxing, MMA, Karate, Taekwondo
  • 360 degree evaluation powered by x-force instead of measuring single punching or kicking power, the x-force System also takes your speed and endurance into account
  • Global ranking System the app will store 10 latest results for you automatically, keeping all the details and effort
  • Everything you need to make a real progress the app will store 10 latest results for you automatically, keeping all the details and effort
  • Universal standard across multiple forms of martial arts the force tracker and its System is designed to fit various forms of martial arts
  • Non-wearable complete wireless design for ease of Use free your hand and space, no more wearing and cables that make things difficult. Enjoy the training is the only thing that matters

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Fist Reflex Ball: A fist reflex ball is a ball attached to an elastic cord that attaches to a headband. If you punch it, the ball will bounce back at you. This is excellent to help you train your reflexes and your ducking reactions, which will help you avoid your opponent’s punches to the best of your abilities. This gift is especially good for those that are just starting out, but are looking to box competitively: while they are yet not well trained enough to dodge human punches accurately, this reflex ball is a good first step to get there fast.


TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball, 2 Difficulty Levels Boxing Ball with Headband, Softer Than Tennis Ball, Perfect for Reaction, Agility, Punching Speed, Fight Skill and Hand Eye Coordination Training
  • LIGHTER, SOFTER and SAFER - We specifically designed it to be much lighter and softer than the tennis ball, so it is grove-free, and everyone can enjoy it without any worries about hitting yourself in the faces, eyes, noses, and fists as well, it's much safer!
  • TWO STEP APPROACH LEARNING SYSTEM - Are you worrying about it's difficult to get the hang? The black ball is specifically designed to be much easier for novices. Once you could dominate it, change to the red ball. Watch out! The red ball is much more bouncy, and you may be knockout technically 🙂
  • IT IS A PERFECT SOLO TRAINING EQUIPMENT- It can help train your reaction, agility, punching speed, fight skill and hand eye coordination while providing an interesting workout
  • LOOKING FOR A WAY TO GET A NICE WORKOUT IN YOUR DAY AND STAY IN SHAPE? - Lifting weights and long hours on the Gym bike is not the only way to get fit! In fact, Fight Ball might be even better and far more compelling. The unpredictability of the rebounding ball, coupled with the intensity of your punches will burn out your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, perfect for calorie burning and conditioning! Also, it's very addicting!
  • PRACTICE ANYTIME and ANYWHERE - You don't have to go to a gym, strap the headband on, have fun and burn your body within 15-20 minutes! Perfect for work breaks or school breaks or even for the beach and the park, this focus punching bag will burn many calories and help you get fit!

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Desktop Stress buster: This small punch bag is specifically created so you can use it just about anywhere: at home, at work, in the garage…Anywhere and anytime you will be able to squeeze a few punches in, which maximizes your training time and keeps you in tip-top shape. This gift is perfect for those that want to stay top of their game but do not have enough time to go to the gym and train every day.


Tech Tools Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag - Suctions to Your Desk, Heavy Duty Stress Relief Ball (Red)
  • 👊 RELIEVE STRESS FROM YOUR DESK These mini punching bag desk games can attach to any surface to give you instant stress relief right at your fingertips, perfect as stress relief office gifts for coworkers, and great gift idea for those men women who have everything
  • 👊 RESILIENT SPRING KEEPS COMING BACK FOR MORE The durable spring bounces the punching stress ball back every time you hit it so that you can keep going until you're calm
  • 👊 HEAVY DUTY COMPOSITION No matter how long you need to vent, this desk punching bag stress relief toy can take the heat over and over
  • 👊 GREAT FOR HOME OR WORK ENVIRONMENTS Voted as Top Gadgets of the year, Kill daily life stress at home or work tension at the job with these stress reliever desk toys
  • 👊 INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED This desktop punching ball comes with an air pump to ensure that the ball is always inflated and ready for action

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Favorite Fighter’s Signed Photo: This one speaks for itself. A rather sentimental and touching gift, a signed photo of their favorite fighter is sure to show them how much you care and it shouldn’t be difficult to find in any store.


Kitbags & Lockers Mike Tyson vs Michael Spinks '91 Second Knockout' 12x8 A4 Autographed Signed Photo Photograph Picture Frame Boxing Gift
  • Designers and makers of fine sporting reprints.
  • Designed by us, here at Kitbags & Lockers and exclusive to us. Our designs feature a digital reprint of the original autograph.
  • Our products are created by our Executive Design Team with extensive knowledge within the Creative Art and Design Field. Mounted and framed by craftsmen for a timeless piece.
  • In a large Black frame (Size 330mm x 242mm x 16mm Deep). Mounted image size is 12x8 (A4).
  • All our frames are handmade in the UK using UK materials. We use Polcore mouldings to minimise the Carbon footprint.

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Shorts, robes, and t-shirts: This gift, as mentioned before, might be a little bit complicated as everybody has a particular fit, a particular material, a particular style they favor. However, no one is ungrateful enough to reject a good, nice piece of clothing and comfortable robes are always handy! Try to figure out what your boxer likes and go from there.


TUFF Retro Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Martial Arts Clothing Training Gym Trunks Classic Slim Cut (TUF-MRS204-RED, XL)
  • Size of Shorts : Size S waist 26"-28", Size M waist 28"-30", Size L waist 30"-32", Size XL waist 32"-34", Size XXL waist 34"-36"
  • These Retro Style Muay Thai Boxing Shorts suitable for Muay Thai, Boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA, Sparring Fight and Grappling, Fitness Traning at Gym or Outdoor sport. These Muay Thai Boxing shorts are great for Men, Women (Adult Unisex) Boys, Girls, Kids.
  • Unique and original design by TUFF, we have multi-color : Black, White, and multi-model : Thai design, Gladiator.
  • With the highest hand-made quality and using Sublimation Printing Technology. Made of Micro Fiber Fabric. Lightweight, sweat-free and quick dry.
  • Shorts should be hand washed cold and drip dried for maximum longevity.

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CLETO REYES Satin Boxing Robe with Hood - Small - Black/Gold
  • This lightweight and hooded boxing robe is the perfect choice for competitions
  • Includes side pockets and comes with a matching belt
  • The polyester satin fabric is light and smooth
  • Roomy fit for comfort; Features the famous Cleto Reyes embroidered logo on the sleeves
  • Sizing Guide: XS - 28" Waist | Small - 32" Waist |Medium - 36" Waist | Large - 40" Waist | XL - 44" Waist

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Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Base Layer Rash Guard (2X-Large, Blue)
  • Just What You Need: A rashguard created to go on the journey with you.We designed The Essential series to feel like a premium product, but at a fair price.
  • Fit Right In: Sanabul Essentials sports a classic, uncluttered style that you can wear confidently on your first day or when upgrading to a cleaner look. These rashguards are also IBJJF legal
  • Tested by Pros, Created for You: The top names in the sport rep Sanabul, such as legendary coach John Danaher. They put our designs through the ringer, so you can trust what you’re wearing has the same grit as you
  • Designed to Perform: Sanabul’s mesh underarms and gradual compression keeps you agile and provides better ventilation. Fabric treatment means longer life and cleaner training
  • Good for Multiple Activities: We even added UV SPF 50 protection so you can take our rashguards out to the beach or the trail

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A pair of boxing gloves: Boxing gloves always come extremely handy to boxers and it is really nice to have a replacement pair on the backburner. This gift involves a lot of guessing as uncomfortable gloves can really affect somebody’s performance, and you really don’t want that. You will need to figure out what fit they prefer, which are the gloves with the best wrist support, what type of closure they like, attached or separate thumb…


Fortunately, the “Hayabusa” has taken care of you! They have created the perfect boxing glove worthy of your hero.


Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Gloves for Men and Women
  • MARVEL HERO ELITE TRAINING GLOVES: Each glove is crafted to reflect your favorite Marvel heroes. Choose from 8 iconic hero designs, including: Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, Punisher, Symbiote, & Thor.
  • WORLD RENOWNED WRIST SUPPORT: Patented dual wrist straps and our exclusive splinting system work together to keep your wrists aligned with each punch. It locks your wrists in place when you strap up, preventing risky and damaging bends.
  • ULTIMATE KNUCKLE PROTECTION: Premium foam technology absorbs impacts, dispersing energy for unparalleled knuckle protection during training and sparring.
  • BUILT FOR COMFORT WITH A TAILORED FIT: Interior fabric feels smooth and helps to regulate your hand temperature. Two interlocking wrist straps adjust to fit your hands perfectly for Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.
  • HANDCRAFTED: Each Hayabusa X Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Glove is handcrafted by experienced professional artisans using high-end materials, techniques, and finishes. The intricate Marvel designs and exclusive glove technologies are perfect for all training situations. Available in 2 sizes: 12oz & 16oz.

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Boxing pendants and jewelry: If they really love boxing they will probably want to show it in every aspect of their life, and that is why you can never go wrong with boxing accessories. A cute boxing glove necklace, a bracelet, or some nice earrings will always be well received and they are a nice, cute, little hint to their love of boxing.


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Posters, pictures, and memorabilia: This is one of the oldest and most reliable gifts in the books. If they adore boxing they probably want to showcase it in every facet of their life and doing so through posters is easy, cheap, and good looking. Posters, postcards, pencils, notebooks… all of them are perfect to put a smile on your little boxer’s face!


Panther Print Rocky Balboa Canvas Print | Motivational Quote Wall Art - Boxing Office Decor for Men, Ready to Hang, Large 30” x 20” Framed Canvas Artwork - Inspirational Movie Quotes
  • ART WITH IMPACT - You can't go wrong with our premium canvas prints. We use only the finest archival grade materials to create your print...Each print is high quality and handmade with 18mm deep kiln dried pine frames and genuine HP Vivera UV resistant pigments. So, what does all that mean? It means you'll enjoy a fantastic print with colors that POP!....that will last a LIFETIME!
  • READY TO HANG - Your new Rocky Balboa canvas artwork is MUSEUM QUALITY...and ships right to your doorstep! All you need to do to enjoy is open up the packaging... It's ready to hang right out of the box! Handmade by master framers, it's ready for action, perfect for any living room, bedroom, personal gym, office, or man cave ....hang it anywhere a little extra inspiration is needed!
  • SET THE MOOD - Bring your walls to life with a canvas print that suits your unique style. Our motivational Rocky Balboa canvas print highlights one of the most famous quotes in all of film. Show your love of boxing (and getting back up when life knocks you down) with this stunning Rocky Balboa inspirational quote canvas print!
  • MAKE A STATEMENT - Your canvas is made with fade-resistant pigments, which means all those vibrant colors will stay looking as great as the day you received your print. Hang up your new canvas print where you want to, regardless of the lighting in the room. With our premium UV-resistant ink, NEVER WORRY about excessive light exposure fading your artwork again!
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - At Panther Print we have an unwavering commitment to delivering the best quality canvas prints and customer service. We know you’ll love your new art, but If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply contact our friendly customer service team and send it back for a full refund...No questions asked!

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Autographed gloves and trunks: This one they might never use, but neither you nor them will mind. It will become one of their most treasured pieces, if not the most well-loved, cherished one.


Mike Tyson Signed Custom Black The Baddest Man On The Planet Boxing Trunks JSA - Autographed Boxing Robes and Trunks
  • 100% Certified Authentic and Backed by our Sports Memorabilia Authenticity Guarantee
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from and James Spence Authentication
  • Category; Autographed Boxing Robes and Trunks

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Safety, protective equipment: Safety always comes first in boxing and you can never take too many precautions. Protective gear such as helmets and mouth guards will show just how much you care about them, their safety, and their well being and they are a personal gift that is sure to get some use: protective equipment, even if it is uncomfortable, is much better than no protective gear at all.


OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard - for Football, Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse, Wrestling, and Other Contact Sports (Green Eyes, Adult)
  • Ultimate Protection: The dual layer outer shell absorbs high impact blows and spreads the force over a larger area, shielding your teeth and gums from injury.
  • Unrivaled Custom Fit: The fitting fins break down in the fitting process to grip your teeth in all the right places so you can breathe, speak, and focus on the game. Includes a case.
  • Easy to fit: The fitting process takes less than 3 minutes. Adult sizes suitable for ages 10+, Youth sizes suitable for ages up to 10, these gum shields are not compatible with braces.
  • Perfect for All Athletes: Suitable for all ball, stick, and combat sports - including Rugby, Hockey, MMA, and Boxing. Every Power-Fit Mouth Guard comes with an extended 18 Month $20,000 Dental Warranty for peace of mind.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Our passion for protection is why we are the official mouthguard of the UFC, Pop Warner and AYF, New Zealand Rugby, England Hockey, USA Wrestling, and many other world renowned sports teams.

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Heavy Bag: When it comes to boxing fan gifts you can’t go wrong with a heavy bag. This punching bag is the best tool boxers have to train the strength and velocity of their punch and their reflexes. A heavy bag is where a boxer is made, so there is not a single one who wouldn’t use such a thoughtful gift.

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Imitation Belts: Boxers love boxing paraphernalia, especially if they are just starting out. An imitation belt from their favorite competition helps them keep their eyes on the goal (if they are looking to compete professionally) and it makes a great piece of decoration (if they are not looking to compete). Plus, it will put a big smile on your little boxer’s face when they can use it to pretend to be the world’s heavyweight champion!

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Boxing fight bell gongs & gym timers: Boxing gongs and timers are excellent to help keep track of how long a round is, how tired you are making yourself before the end of the round and they add a new layer of immersion to your workout; so they are perfect for the newbie that is looking to go professional.

Ring to Cage Interval Gym Timer for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Martial Arts
  • Traditional style Interval gym timer
  • Set for 2 or 3 minute workout periods
  • Between-round lengths can be set from 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Advanced lighting system for easy visuals. Extra loud round bell, including 30 second end of round warning whistle
  • Great quality at a great price! One year warranty. Power supply: 110V, USA and Canada plug

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Boxing Socks: Boxing socks are shaped with supports and reinforcements in a particular way that holds the foot together in a more comfortable and safe way, preventing injuries and preventing you from getting tired by promoting blood flow. They are a little extra comfort that brings your work out to the next level, so they are excellent for the dedicated, seasoned boxer.

RDX MMA Socks with Grip for Boxing Yoga, Non Slip Ankle Support Anti-Skid Pilates Barre Workout, Stretchable Neoprene Slipper Socks For Grappling, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Martial Arts
  • Engineered with Neoprene and Lycra fabric for non-slip, sweat-absorbing barefoot workouts. Ideal for. Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Walking, Running, and more
  • Allows a greater range of motion, which makes it ideal for high performance sports training and barefoot workouts.
  • Rubberized Dot-mapped sole with advanced grip tech feature offer superior grip control. Flat-locked seam resists chaffing and irritation
  • Retains its shape even after multiple uses and washes. It keeps you connected to the mat, machine or floor by keeping your ankle-joints aligned.
  • Great alternative for wrapping your feet; slip-in design is suitable combination of aesthetics while ensuring skid-free experience with the added comfort and stability

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Deep Tissue massager: Training every day for long hours works your muscles a lot, and you are bound to experience some soreness and pain that might prevent you from training to the fullest. Through a deep tissue massage, you will be helping the muscles “ease up” and “relax”, promoting blood flow and preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Just about anybody needs a deep tissue massager in their lives, but this gift is particularly needed by boxers that train professionally, as their workouts are extra intense and extra hard on their body (and they also need to maximize their performance).

Everyfun Professional Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massagers for Pain Relief, Handheld Electric Body Massager, Super Quiet 10H LG Battery Life
  • Quick Pain Relief - Everyfun multifunctional deep tissue massage gun quickly relieves sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility in 5 minutes. As the best massage gun, our massage is designed by chiropractor for athletes but is suitable for anyone to use
  • Long Working Time - Our cordless muscle massage gun is equipped with 6 LG batteries, holding a capacity of 3200mAh, lasting for 10 hours after a full charge. If you use the fascia gun 20min/day, you don’t need to worry about power within a month, which is far beyond any other massage guns
  • Faster Speed & Stronger Power - Maximum speed reaches 3200 hits per minute, directly to the 12mm deep muscles, for our percussive massage gun has 70W brushless Motor. Professional massagers won't stop working even with 65 pounds of pressure. It has 5 adjustable speeds for your choice
  • Super Quiet Massage Gun - Even if our massage gun for athletes is running next to your ear, you won't feel the noise, just like whisper without exceeding 45db. You can enjoy a quiet massage experience wherever you are at home, in-office, or gym
  • 100% customer satisfaction - We provide a worry-free 15-month warranty and lifelong technical support. You can use our m3 pro massage gun without worry. Our customer service staff is always standing by to help. Feel totally free to contact us

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Handgrip strengthener: When we talk about boxing, we immediately think about punching: that’s the quintessential mark of a boxer. However, there are many more things to a good punch than punch strength and a hand grip strengthener is one of the best boxing fan gifts as it strengthens muscles and tendons that aren’t usually trained that much. A hand grip strengthener is a wonderful gift for any boxer, as it helps prevent injuries and keeps your hands and wrists in tip-top shape.

GD Hand Grip Exerciser Strengthener Premium Iron Grip Light 80 Adjustable Hand Gripper (55 to 176 lb) Grip Strength Trainer Wrist Strengtheners
  • Getting Stronger - You will get stronger grip strength soon if you go forward to the next stage; You can feel the improvement of grip strength in just three days with the GD IRON GRIP; Adjustable resistance from 55lb to 176lb (6 stages adjustable) : 1 stage : 55lb / 2 stage : 79lb / 3 stage : 104lb / 4 stage : 128lb / 5 stage : 152lb / 6 stage : 176lb
  • Sturdy like a tank - Made with Aluminum handles, Strong compressing spring, 5T iron; High quality, Superbly Engineered and Perfect craftsmanship, high-quality, solid & more importantly, adjustable – The only hand grip strengthener you’ll ever need
  • Don't buy many hand grip exercisers - All man can close the first stage, but not all can close the last stage; If you are pro athlete or just normal man or even you are little bit strong women, it doesn’t matter; Because you can adjust the resistance of the gripper for your own strength! DO NOT BUY 6 grippers with other resistance. You can do your customized exercise according to your own strength with ONLY GD IRON GRIP 80 Light
  • Completely Silent - It is silent and its spring does not squeak nor make weird noises; Train even in silent library if you want, without pissing off people around you
  • 5 Years Warranty and Patented - GD IRON GRIP is protected by PATENT issued by the US government(PATENT NO. US 9,415,262 B2). And this product is under GD brand which is registered on Amazon Brand Registry; It is forbidden to resell the item on Amazon without permission of GD_official

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Punching mitts: When we think about boxing fan gifts, we think immediately about boxing gloves and we forget about mitts. Mitts are incredibly important as it helps develop your reflexes and visual acuity while helping you gain better strength and faster reaction times. In addition, you can add the gift extra special by helping them use the punching mitts and training casually with them: just like that you have turned a wonderful gift into some quality time together!

Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts (Black/Red)
  • The Perfect Fit: Don’t spend months breaking in your pads. Sananbul’s punching mitts are hand moulded to fit the natural curvature of your hands
  • Feel the Impact, Not the Pain: Our mitts are infused with Santec Ultra Light Foam so you can absorb the hardest punches without holding extra weight
  • Designed to Endure: We want Sanabul gear to be a staple of your gym bag. So we make equipment that lasts. Essentials mitts are made with Performance Engineered Leather that will take thousands of hits without cracking
  • Made to Keep Trainers Safe: Any coach knows that holding focus mitts is serious business. Poor fits and uncomfortable grips can add up as you take more punches. Sanabul mitts use half-ball palm grips, so the gloves stay secure and you stay comfortable
  • Tested by Pros, Created for You: From UFC champions like Michael Bisping, to pro boxers like Mike Lee, Team Sanabul athletes demand the best. We designed our MMA mitts to hold up for expert strikers, so we know they’ll take care of your hands

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Boxing room decoration: When you get into boxing, it tends to become your life and you want to broadcast it to the world. There are few better ways to do so than through boxing room decoration. Posters, belts, pictures of their favorite boxer… even blankets! Just about anything and everything you could ever think about can be decorated with boxing details and motifs. If you are looking for a particular object and you cannot find it, some enterprises will allow you to customize almost any object: from t-shirts to water bottles; so you might be lucky there!

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Battle Ropes: If your gym doesn’t specialize in training boxers, it is quite likely it will be missing some important equipment such as battle ropes. This wonderful work out tool allows you to train your strength, speed, and endurance through repetitive “waving motions”, and it is one of the most well-loved tools for boxers as it reduces the impact on the joints while it increases the muscular demand and trains muscular endurance. If you know your boxer has a home gym or a little bit of room in their garage, battle ropes are about the best gift they could ever get!

POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope, 1.5" Width Poly Dacron 30/40/50ft Length Exercise equipment for home gym & outdoor workout, Battle Rope Anchor Included (1.5'' * 30FT Length)
  • Nylon Sleeve Covered - POWER GUIDANCE Battle ropes are all nylon sleeves covered to protect the rope from friction, more durable and will last many years of usage
  • 100% Dacron - More durable and heavier than the blend of PolyPro and PolyDac materials. Free bonus! Battle rope anchor included
  • Heat Shrink Handles - 7.5 inches heat shrink grips for improved grip and protection for your hands, and it will never come off
  • 3-strand Twisted Design - Available in 30ft, 40ft & 50ft lengths with 1.5" thickness. The shorter conditioning rope is great for those new at rope training, with the longer one challenging intermediates and pros
  • Why Choose Us - At POWER GUIDANCE, we fully stand behind our products. If you don't 100% love our products, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we do our best to make sure you are satisfied again.

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Gym Bag: Gym bags might seem like quite the generic gift, but they are always well received. They help you come and go from the gym, keeping all your clothing, tools, and water bottles together, helping you stay organized… and they can be personalized. Their name, the name of their favorite boxer, or some boxing motifs: they will be the coolest person in the gym. Young boxers love this one because it allows them to show off their individuality.

MIER Large Duffel Backpack Sports Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment, Heavy Duty and Water Resistant, Black, 60L
  • Duffel Bag or Backpack? ---- You can own them all at once! MIER sports duffel designed with adjustable backpack straps which are easily attached or detached, adjustable sternum straps ensure suitable place to wear, also has a adjustable/removable shoulder strap and 4 sides soft haul handle for multiple carrying ways
  • Multifunctional Pockets ---- D-zip opening with a weather-resistant zipper flap included 1 big mesh pocket with 1 key loop on the inside, 1 inner zipper pocket and 1 open pocket; Outside: 1 zipper pocket on the front, 1 big side zipper compartment included a shoes compartment with mesh ventilated and 1 pocket for toiletries and towels; Water-resistant ID pocket on top
Water Repellent Duffel ---- Built from heavy-duty water resistant tarpaulin and reinforced double layered tear-resistant floor panel, design for harsh environments and features maximize capacity to hold your workout gear or your trip stuffs. Best for hiking, camping, climbing, gym sports, car trip, traveling or other outdoor adventure
  • Functional Construction ---- Daisy chain loops and "D" rings on strap for extra attachments; Innovative compression strap system helps compact large loads; Smooth "MIER" brand zipper and strong buckles, box-stitched on every stress points, provide one more durable and tough, make MIER bag ready for a lifetime of adventures
  • Limited Manufacturer's Warranty ---- All the straps are upgraded and would be very sturdy. TWO-YEAR for MIER duffel bag. MIER takes pride in the quality of our products and warrants that the materials and workmanship will be free of any defects. Our factories follow a strict set of specifications and quality standards, however, if a problem develops, please contact us

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Boxing boots: When you box, protecting your hands is crucial; but you must not neglect your feet game either. If you want to prevent injuries, move as fast as you can, and perform to the peak of your abilities you are going to need some high-quality boots that not only keep your feet protected band all the delicate bones held together; but also allows you to move freely without restricting you too much. This gift might be a little complicated: you will have to secretly figure out what size shoe they wear and how to do they like their fit!

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes, 10, Black
  • The Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are contemporary in style and usher in a new generation of high performance ring footwear
  • These sport-specific shoes have a patent leather vinyl finish and a low-top ankle for ease of movement and ankle support
  • Made with a breathable nylon mesh pattern and a non-slip rubber sole for added comfort and safety while fighting
  • Please see size chart with foot measurements to help determine sizing - (Women size 7 = Men size 5) Men's sizes: All colors except Pink - Women's sizes: Only in Pink

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Collectible Boxing Figurines: This gift is perfect for the newbie Lil boxer that has just started discovering this sport. At this stage, their fascination with boxing is incredibly big and they will want just about anything they can get to showcase their love. A collectible figurine of their favorite boxer will put a smile on their face!

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King of the world: Fall and Rise of an American Hero: There is not a single person in the world that has never heard of Muhammad Ali(even those that don’t like boxing). The famous boxing champion became a star because of his incredible abilities: “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Even if Muhammad Ali is not your boxer’s favorite champion, they will still appreciate this book on one of boxing’s most prominent figures

King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero
  • Remnick, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages - 10/05/1999 (Publication Date) - Vintage (Publisher)

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