Casanova boxing gloves. WHERE THEY HAVE GONE?

Necalli boxing gloves


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Little History of Deportes Casanova.

Casanova Boxing gloves were created by the world-famous Mexican Boxing

Trainer, Arturo “Cuyo” Hernandez.

Hernandez (1911-1990), also known as “El Tormentoso, (Stormy)” was trainer of 12 world champions including: Luis Villanueva, Rodolfo Casanova, José López, Rubén, Olivares, Alfonso Zamora, Carlos Zárate, and Guadalupe Pintor and and 37 Mexican national champions.

The first Deportes Casanova Boxing gloves were created in 1948 in Mexico City.

About Casanova Boxing Gloves.

This company keeps the old style in the production of boxing gloves and does not produce massively. But everything it produces is of exceptional quality. Besides boxing gloves, they also produce other boxing equipment. Everything with excellent quality.

The Casanova Boxing Gloves have been used for decades by many professional boxers. Sylvester Stallone himself uses this model of gloves in the “Rocky I “last scene.

Casanova boxing gloves are excellent for training or sparring and all purposes too. They have a reasonable price according to their quality.

These gloves are produced with traditional designs from the old school, so somebody may decide that the gloves are not very modern or even ugly. Everyone has taste. For me, it is important, for example, quality rather than design.

All Casanova Boxing Gloves products are made of genuine leather, which means you can use them for at least 5 years without serious defects when you have good maintenance.

According to many reviews, I have met you can trust the durability of the pads. Gloves are also extremely comfortable and have the best wrist protection.

Here are some opinions that I have found about Casanova Boxing Gloves in the forums.

“Very comfortable and the craftsmanship is amazing. I would say that I love them more than my Reyes gloves…”

“The wrist protection is the best out of any glove I have owned by far and I would say the hand protection is on par with Winning and Shevlin gloves…”

The Scandal

There was a scandal about this brand. Some companies tried to steal their glory. I will not go into details. Just be vigilant: When buying gloves from this brand, follow two rules:

  • The price – original Casanova starts at $ 100 or more.
  • ALWAYS check for the inscription “HECHO EN MEXICO” made in Mexico


Original Deportes Casanova! Where they have gone?!?

Casanova Deportes lost ownership of the Casanova brand in the USA. In Mexico, Deportes Casanova still owns the rights to that brand. Unfortunately, in the USA, the company can’t use anymore the name Casanova after a long and protracted legal battle.

These incredible Mexican gloves will now be known as Necalli Professional. The name does not matter.  Just look carefully and ask for that logo in the future.

Casanova boxing gloves

All the products of the former Deportes Casanova brand will be produced in Mexico City, Mexico under the “Necalli Professional” trademark.

You should know, however, that these authentic products are produced in small batches of the finest leather and consumables.

So, you may not find your color and size because the quantities are limited and the demand is great.


Necalli boxing gloves short review

Necalli Professional Sparring/Training Boxing Gloves – Made in Mexico



  • Perfect for Bag work and good for sparring.
  • Best suited for big hands (Wide pocket).
  • All parts are made by top grain Mexican cow leather
  • Attached thumb
  • Pretty good single stitching.
  • Very good wrist support.
  • Latex foam padding.
  • Lace-up and/or Hook and Loop closure.
  • Wide range of colors, Customization,



  • The leather needs some time to break-in.
  • Don’t have ventilation holes
  • The padding is a little lumpy.
  • Some time lack of units because they are not mass-produced.

Price: $165.99

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Casanova boxing gloves. WHERE THEY HAVE GONE?

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