Boxing gloves vs. MMA gloves. Differences!

Boxing gloves vs. MMA gloves

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When we talk about Boxing and MMA we have to take into mind that these are two different types of sports. Everyone with their benefits and disadvantages. Although both are fight sports, boxing and mixed martial arts use different rules and conventions. They use different types of equipment respectively.

In this article, I will not look for the answer to whether boxing gloves are better than MMA gloves because their purpose is different. Boxing is focused on placing fast and powerful punches, while the purpose of MMA gloves is not only to put heavy and destructive blows but also the ability to hold and throw.

Is a difference in terms of power when you use Boxing gloves or MMA gloves?

Boxing gloves reduce the strength of the impact a little. Thanks to their larger padding, they protect the fighters’ palms and knuckles. It should be noted that in 99% of the time the hands of the boxers are subjected to a great load and the loss of little force in front of better hand protection is justified.

On the other hand, the idea of MMA fights is one: maximum damage for a minimum amount of time. That is why the protection factor in this type of gloves is in the background.

In short words: MMA gloves will put you in a coma or oblivion, and with boxing gloves will put you to sleep.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Boxing gloves.

In a sport where you just punching, your knuckles are under great strain. That is why more padding- more protection. In boxing there is no grappling, so more padding is no problem. The standard boxing glove has nearly three times more padding compared to standard MMA glove.

The boxing gloves have a bigger striking area, and yes is heavier than standard MMA glove. In theory, this means that the bigger weight of the glove multiplied by the speed with which it strikes leads to more damage. In theory, yes, but it all depends on the person wearing them

Advantages and disadvantages of the MMA gloves.

MMA gloves have less padding but enough strong to do his job.MMA gloves have stiffer padding so you get some level of protection for better speed.

The problem with MMA gloves that hand wraps are less common. This along with the smaller padding when hit hard can result in very serious injuries in the hands.

Here is a very interesting video that compares boxing gloves and MMA gloves. Conclude your conclusions yourself.

The Differences.

Boxing Gloves

  • Finger protection: All the fingers are in a single padded compartment.
  • Padding: Heavy padded-often with a pound of soft material. Protection of knuckles during a fight.
  • Closure: Mixed martial arts gloves rarely cover more than the top of the wrist and are held closed with a wrapping strap and Velcro tabs.
  • Hand wraps:  Boxers wear wraps around their hands and wrists to protect the wrists, knuckles, and forearms from the impact of hundreds of punches. Boxing gloves are sized to accommodate this extra load.


MMA gloves

  • Finger protection: Open fingered design (for better grappling).
  • Padding: Light padding. Fingers are bared.
  • Closure: Traditional boxing gloves wrap around as much as half a fighter’s forearms and are held in place by laces or strap-and-Velcro closure system.
  • Hand wraps: Hand wraps are less common in MMA; the glove is noticeably more compact with little room between the hand and the glove itself.


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Boxing gloves vs. MMA gloves. Differences!

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