Boxing tips for sparring-21 incredible tricks!

boxing tips for sparring

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In this article, I will show you some tricks and boxing tips for sparing that would be useful to you during your sparring sessions as well as during real fights. I often use these tricks and in most cases work very successfully personally for me. Read them and integrate some or all of them in your practice.

I think everyone will find something useful for himself.

Boxing tips for sparring:

1.Knowing your opponent.

if he strikes first without waiting, he is probably an offensive fighter. If he waits for a while expecting you to throw the first strike, he is likely to be a defensive fighter.

2. Reveal the strengths of your opponent.

Find out where your opponent is better by marking fake hits. If your opponent moves more hands in such situations, then he is more likely to be better with them. If he moves his foot, he is probably better off with kicks

3.Learn which is his favorite technique

Try to cheat your opponent to attack first, whether it’s a fake punch. You will quickly learn which is his favorite technique. Every fighter has one. Then plan a counter-attack for his attack

4. Do not Reveal yourself before attacking.

I have seen many novice fighters look to the area they plan to hit just before attacking. Mistake! An Experienced athlete always seeks your eyes for that kind of sign. Reveal your intentions where you will attack and I can guarantee that you will get a quick counterattack

5. Never show fear during sparring.

Your opponent will sense this feeling and will rush into an attack. BUT! You can use fear as a feint and a delusion when you want your opponent to attack.

6. Don’t open your legs!

When your opponent is within close distance and you can reach him for a hit, do not open your legs more the width of your shoulders. When legs are more distant, the movements become slower.

7. Relax then attack!

Relax your body before you make your hit. Tension slows down your attack. Imagine a snake attacking your victim. Relax, relax, then explosive attack.

8. Don’t think too much!

Shorten the gap between thought and action. Do not think too much because every opportunity can be lost quickly.

9. Choose the right moment for attack!

The right moment to strike the opponent is when he is about to attack or the moment when he lands his shot.
You will be hit. This is the sure thing in the sparring. The trick is to choose WHEN this happens. As the Japanese Samurai have said – allow them to injure your skin, but then you must stab them.


Remember that when your opponent is attacking, part of his body opens for a counterattack. This is also true for your counterattacks.

11.Fastest punch!

The left jab (for the reversed position – the right jab) is the fastest weapon on your hands. Use It at the beginning of your series, for counter attacks or false attacks. You can also put the leading leg forward for a sneaky blow to prepare your opponent for ease of attack.

13. Every technique has its purpose!

Do not kick or strike without cause. Every technique should have its purpose and not be used indiscriminately simply because of the idea of sparring

14. Save your energy!

Keep your energy, kicks are your most powerful weapon but they take more energy, so use them smartly. Normally, the hand-to-foot ratio is 4-5: 1 (unless you are a taekwondo fighter)

15. Keep eye on the body movements!

Watch the movement of the whole body of your opponent, not just the eyes. Experienced fighters do not show any emotions, so you have to focus on their body

16. Force him to defend himself!

Use the left jab ( right jab for people with a reversed position) to prepare your opponent for the next attack, so hit him with the left jab forcing him to defend his head and raise his hands. Your next attack should be at the middle body part.

17.False punches!

When you fight against a defensive fighter, you have to make sneaky false strikes to take down his guard.

18. Take stape aside!

When kicking at a close distance, take a step aside, so you will have more space to complete the impact, and you will often be allowed to apply an additional punch

19. Don’t get angry!

When they hit you all continuously, do not lose your enthusiasm and do not get angry. Keep calm and don’t chase your opponent with anger. This will open many holes in your defense.

20. Don’t turn your back!

Don’t EVER turn your back and Do not fall back when he attacks you!
Instead, move to the left and right or interrupt and counter-attack.

21. Few more boxing tips for sparring!

Never underestimate your opponent. Everyone has their style. Adapt and identify weaknesses. Don’t try to defeat your opponent in the first round especially if he is bigger. Defend yourself well, make him move more and when he is depleted -attack him.


These were some of the brief boxing tips for sparring I wanted to show you. Judge by yourself which one is best for you, grab your pair of sparring gloves and go out to practice!

Sparring gloves

Good luck!

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Boxing tips for sparring-21 incredible tricks!

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