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Hayabusa brand gains popularity because of its high-quality equipment, gear, and apparel specially created for amateur and professional fighters.

Founded more than 14 years ago, the Japanese company has become one of the leading brands, threatening the dominance of world-famous manufacturers of boxing and martial arts equipment such as Cleto Ray, Twins, and Grant.

Hayabusa brand – History

The japan peregrine falcon (hi-yaa-boo-sa /jap./) was created in 2006 by four founders Ken Clement, Craig Clement, David Zikakis, and Luke Harris.

The initial product offers with which they start their business was based on the basic needs of everyone involved in martial arts – boxing gloves, rash guards, and fight shorts.

Hayabusa has one main goal. The company creates products that meet and exceed the expectations of athletes. Hayabusa’s approach is based on a lot of research detailed design and heavy testing as a result of which the brand’s products are of excellent quality, beautiful design, and high durability.

Hayabusa brand follows Kaizen’s philosophy – constantly striving to improve, whether it’s product development, efficiency research or business processes. That is why the brand is gaining more and more fans and admirers

Hayabusa brand -Corporate Structure

The company is headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and its main distribution center is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To test its new products, the brand has signed licensing agreements with two independent gyms in Canada.

The company is run by the founders  who are performing the following positions: Ken Clement (CEO), Craig Clement (CFO), and David Zikakis (Chief Operating Officer)