Hayabusa boxing gloves-All models revealed!

  Hayabusa boxing gloves have recently become one of the most popular brands in the world of contact sports. Hayabusa already has an exceptional reputation as one of the leading brands of boxing gloves and martial arts equipment on the market. Hayabusa boxing gloves differ from their competitors by integrating their patented new technologies into […]

Boxing gloves for 6 year old! What boxing gloves I bought for my boy!

Probably some of you are asking the question of what boxing gloves for 6-year old I should buy? In this article, I will tell you what boxing gloves I bought for my 6-year-old kid. Table of content Why did I decide to choose boxing gloves as a gift? My key factors for the choice! Protection Quality Design […]

5 BJJ techniques used in MMA that can save your live!

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an extremely complex martial art – some BJJ techniques are used mainly for sports purposes, but some would save you in unpleasant moments on the street. We have prepared 5 of the most applicable ones. We remind you, however, that entering a fight is not the most recommended move unless there is […]


  The Cameroonian fighter Francis Ngannou from the UFC shares with us some effective training that will make you a real predator in the ring. Table of content Francis Ngannou Introduction Francis Ngannou WINS Francis Ngannou LOSS Francis Ngannou workout Beginner boxing workout Home boxing workout Upper body workout Workout for legs and Obliques Cardio […]

Workout Clothes-5 Top Reasons to Invest

  For fitness fanatics, the best part of the day is when they went to the gym to maintain their fitness. They feel motivated and carry out intense workouts for the best results. Obviously, there is no point in doing something for which you don’t feel motivated because you won’t progress, and all your hard […]

Boxing Gears -When Should You Get Them Replaced

  Have you ever thought about which type of sport is the toughest to perform? There are different views regarding this, but one sport that attests to difficult and challenging aspects is boxing. A boxer wearing boxing gloves and head guard to workout or punching the heavy bag requires a lot of endurance and stamina. The […]

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