Sanabul gel gloves

Cleto Reyes competition gloves


What you think about the Quality?


Are the Materials and Stitching good?


How about the Closure system?


Is the wrist support ok?


Do they last long?


Are they good for Bag workout?


Are they good for Sparring?


Are they good for all-around training?


Are they good for Competitions?


Are they smell after some usage?



  • Approved for World Championship fights.
  • Horsehair and foam padding.
  • Goat skin.
  • Nylon satin lining.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Lace-up
  • Extra-long cuff.
  • Attached thumbs.
  • Slim design and Contoured shape for better speed.
  • Hard "punching" gloves.


  • Unsuitable for sparring.
  • Unsuitable for heavy bag.
  • Less durable than the "training" models of Cleto Reyes.
  • Bad wrist support.

If you are looking for gloves designed specifically for battle Cleto Reyes competition gloves are your best choice.

These are not gloves for training. Most of the padding is made of horsehair which means they are very hard and unsuitable to use for sparring sessions or a heavy bag workout.

Those slim and small gloves made by a 100 percent goat leather are designed for maximum speed and impact power to inflict optimum damage on your opponent.
Their shape and balance are specially designed to apply rapid strikes to break through any defense.

You can use these gloves in professional or amateur battles because they are licensed and approved by all major boxing organizations.

This model has all the features of The Cleto Reyes gloves: attached thumbs, laces, slim design, excellent stitching, a wide variety of colors even an extra-long cuff for bettering the fit.

In conclusion: These are not gloves to play games with. These are a pair of calibrated weapons for war. Use them correctly!

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