Sanabul gel gloves

Cleto Reyes Hybrid Gloves


What you think about the Quality?


Are the Materials and Stitching good?


How about the Closure system?


Is the wrist support ok?


Do they last long?


Are they good for Bag workout?


Are they good for Sparring?


Are they good for all-around training?


Are they good for Competitions?


Are they smell after some usage?



  • Best for sparring.
  • Good for amateur fights.
  • Premium.
  • Mexican goat leather.
  • Latex foam.
  • Attached thumb.
  • Laces plus hook&loop closure.


  • Not good for big hands..
  • Need time to brake-in.
  • Even with the Velcro strap closure, the wrist support is not so good.

Cleto Reyes Hybrid Gloves are high-quality gloves made from Mexican goatskin which have something that distinguishes them from all other Cleto models.

With the idea of ​​ creating the best tool for any kind of boxing workout, Cleto Ray masters have developed a hybrid model that in addition to the laces has an attached Velcro system for better fit and protection.

You can use them for all types of boxing workout – pad workout, sparring even bag work.

Like all models of the Cleto, Hybrid Model is a small glove with a relatively little but solid latex foam padding around the knuckles which makes them very suitable for quick strikes and counterattacks with huge impact power.

So even if they are extremely suitable for sparring and even for amateur fights, use them carefully so you do not seriously harm your partner and yourself.

They are a good choice for more advanced fighters who want to have more flexible cuff options.

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