Grant Boxing Gloves -The different Mexican style!


Elvis Grant Phillips is the founder of GRANT, a manufacturer of grant boxing gloves. The company was founded in 1995 and quickly became one of the most prestigious brands of gloves.

Grant boxing gloves are hand made in Mexico with quality leather. These gloves are designed in the old-fashioned school but are made to modern standards.

If you are looking for professional boxing gloves and you do not care about the price. This famous brand is one of the best solutions.


 The different Mexican style gloves.

Typically, Mexican style gloves have fewer pads. However, this does not apply to a grant glove.

Grant gloves are well padded everywhere. From the hands through the wrists to the forearms. However, they retain their compact design. Together with Winning and Cleto Reyes, Grant is in the top three rankings of the top quality gloves.

While the Winning emphasizes the defense at the cost of the impact strength, and the Reyes ignore the defense in return for maximum impact strength, The Grants have found the balance between the two key factors. They have saved the power of the attack without neglecting the defense of the hands.

That’s why Grant boxing Gloves are used by famous fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko, Andre Berto, Tim Bradley, Bernard Hopkins, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Evander Holyfield.

grant boxing gloves-Evender

Master class in craftsmanship and quality.

There is a reason why professionals use the Grant:  because they are utter perfection. Each piece of leather, each stitch or lace, is made with jeweler perfection.

If you want the best of the best and a glove that’s a compromise between superb padding, comfort, and punching power, Grant is that glove. Grant is your pair of gloves if you want a strong blow with good protection and the speed of a mantis.

The wrist protection of the Grant boxing gloves is excellent. The gloves hug your entire fist and wrist areas, locking your fists and wrist together in a straight line. The wrist area is high too, going up past your wrist. The leather is pliable, soft, and smooth. The inside is made of a softer material.

Some custom Grant boxing gloves use Ortho foam instead of regular foam. This type of foam absorbs more energy when you strike things over the regular foam. This means that you can punch hard things without damaging your hands and bruising your knuckles.

But it means extra money too. Usually, you can buy gloves in the range of 400$-800$. Grants are one of the most expensive gloves in the market.


Where to buy Grant gloves? Why is it so difficult to find Grant boxing gloves?

They are expensive, they are of excellent quality and you cannot find them easily.

Attention! There are many fake gloves sold on Amazon or eBay. After a long search, I personally managed to find only a few pairs of original gloves on eBay and none in the Amazon.

The safest way to get a new pair of boxing gloves is to order them directly through the official Facebook page of a Grant or via email. I do not know why but they do not have a website. They have no distributors. Probably this is some marketing trick that I do not understand.

Even if you order them through the email listed below, prepare a solid amount of money and a solid dose of patience too. Grant boxing gloves are not known for their express orders.

The Best way to buy Grant boxing gloves:


Facebook page:


Checking out eBay for Grant Boxing Gloves. You may find them sold by some individual sellers. Just make sure they are not fake.

Should you buy a pair of Grant boxing gloves?

Of course, if you have a big budget, you want to look cool in the ring, hit like a hammer but keep your hands out of injuries!

But if you have a shortage of funds better consider the suggestions of Winning, Cleto Reyes or Necalli gloves (former Casanova boxing gloves)!

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Grant Boxing Gloves -The different Mexican style!

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