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Quest blogging and backlinks

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Guest Blogging

Welcome! Be our guest blogger!

We are looking for freelance writers and guests who can share ideas, opinions, and content that are well written.

Why should you want to write for

  • Traffic Back to You

As an influential author, the readers will be able to connect to your Blog, website, or social media of choice via the link that you will provide.

  • Building Authority 

By writing here you will have an audience, which will be targeted by the backlinks that will be provided.

Topics Accepted

  • Gloves-related topics are prioritized.

    • Boxing
    • MMA
    • Muay Thai
    • All types of Martial Arts
    • Boxing and Martial Arts equipment
    • Tips and useful tricks for boxing and martial arts training
    • Ideas that are not listed here but are relative to the Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts industry

    If you have any good ideas about the topic and keywords we will be glad to discuss them.

    If you don’t have an idea about what to write but still want to, you will be notified by email about the title and keywords you must include.

INSTRUCTIONS (Guest Post Guidelines)

The articles should cover the BOXING / MMA/ MARTIAL ARTS   niche!

  • Article length MUST be consist of over 1000 words
  • We only accept 100% original content! Please be unique! The article will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism!
  • Quality content with a focus on providing value and knowledge to the audience.
  • Written preferably based on long-tail keywords with SEO in mind
  • All English-speaking writers are welcome! The article MUST be written grammatically correctly.
  • If You want you may supply us with your author bio (Author image should be in. ping or.jpg format), which will appear when your post is approved.
  • One backlink per post is allowed
  • We reserve our right to moderate the Guest post (including all links) 



If you are an existing site owner and you would like to exchange some backlinks, in that case, we will be happy to work together. There are several conditions for this. The first condition is that your domain authority be equal to or greater than 10. You can check your domain authority here

If this condition is met please contact us to exchange the necessary information. We will post your link in our partners’ section, as we will expect equivalent action on your part.

 We must inform you that we periodically check our partner`s backlinks so if we noticed that our link is removed from your website, we will take equivalent actions.

How To Get Started?

All communications will be made by e-mail. Please use this contact form for any questions and discussions and we will answer you as soon as it is possible.


Must I Share my Idea for the article before writing the post?

Not mandatory, but it is recommended. It would be good to discuss the details in advance. Do not risk your work being disapproved.

How do I know if my Post is Published? When will it be published?

We will send you an email does your article be approved or not. In the case of approval please give us one week to finish everything.

In which format I must submit my post?

Word Document. By e-mail.

What will be the word limit for my posts?

The required minimum is 1000 words. We do not have a maximum length requirement. Just be sure that everything is of high quality.

Should I include links within the article?

Yes, if you can! Please include links that will be helpful and relevant to the content

Should I include pictures for my blog?

Not necessarily. If you have pictures that you think are appropriate, they must be free of license. In this case please send us a link to the resource from which you took them.


It is advisable to contact us before taking any action.

  • Before sending us your finished work please check this:
  • Don’t forget to add your Author name, website, email, or any backlink that you want to be attached.
  • Include a short bio (if you want)
  • Send your post on Word Document
  • In case of backlink exchange – Check your Domain Authority before contacting us

Good Luck!

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