Heavy Bag workout for beginners. THE BEST TIPS AND TRICKS.

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A heavy bag is one of the main tools for training when it comes to boxing.

It can seem not so difficult hitting the heavy bag, but if you are a beginner and you have a Heavy Bag workout for the first time, you may find yourself facing an unexpected challenge, and any of the tips and tricks listed below may help you.

By training with a heavy bag you are actively working on your technique by engaging your entire body, developing the hips muscles and the upper body.

Workout with a heavy bag is also a great way to burn calories and improve the potential of your cardiovascular system.

Heavy bag workout for beginners. The Benefits!

Balance ,Reactions and Core Stability

Throwing repetitive punches (and kicks if you are training kick-boxing, Muyai Thai, etc.) on the heavy bag is helping to improve body coordination and balance.

Hitting a heavy bag with a combination of punches while moving your weight from foot to foot will help you develop your core and dramatically increase your reactions.

Sometimes the heavy bag is swinging very forceful and can throw you off balance.

Regular bag workout can train you to focus on balance on the legs and develop your better stance when training.


Boxing is a war of creativeness. You will not be able to win just with jab-hook-jab combination one experienced fighter. You need to be creative or …super mega huge puncher boy.

So, boxing bag workout is a perfect way to develop a wide range of punching combinations. To be unpredictable in most cases means to win the game.

Improves  the punching technique , speed and power

The heavy bag is designed to enhance punching power and speed. That is why the best bag gloves are constructed exclusively only for heavy bag workout. The energy required to properly generate a powerful punch comes from the legs, passes through the waist and shoulders to the arms.

The powerful straight punches such as right cross and jab comes through the shoulders and chest, while uppercuts and hooks utilize the back muscles and arms.

Bag work also develops enhance of the punching speed. The main idea is to be tight, while remaining relaxed and prepared to react. It is a little bit confusing to understand that but just look the cats -so relaxed and so ready to react. Be like them- gracefully deadly.

Just keep elbows in and hands up while moving. Be relaxed and in the correct stance.

Increases aerobic workout and Decrease in body fat

Usually, one heavy bag workout session lasts between 2-3 minutes.

Continuous movement, changing position around the heavy bag and fast punching requires the use of a lot of air and consumes a lot of energy. Punching a heavy bag burn between 500 calories (for men) and 400 calories (for women) per hour depending on weight. Every 7 burned calories decrease one gram of the body weight.

With simple words, in case that you do not change your diet , any quality workout with a heavy bag should reduce your weight between 50 and 70 grams.

Improves the body shape.

Although hitting the heavy bag does not equate to a pure bodybuilding workout, it will greatly improve your body shape.

old Heavy bag gloves

Heavy bag workout for beginners.Equipment /Gear required.

Heavy bag

Obviously, to work out with a heavy bag you need …  a heavy bag 🙂

If you are visiting a boxing club or a martial arts club, do not worry. This tool is a piece of must-have equipment and you will immediately see it proudly waiting for you.

If you planning to buy one for your home, you must understand the different types of heavy bags and which will be best for you.

I am planning to write soon about the types of punching bags, so be on touch.

Hand wraps

Another must-have gear.  Believe me, you are not superman, at least your skin and knuckles are not. You need hand wraps to prevent your fists of injuring. They will fix your bones tight together. The heavy bag workout is tough. Better be well prepared.

Bag Boxing gloves

It is mandatory to have boxing gloves. Off course you can hit without them but after few punches you will understand why professionals always using them. Don`t play game of bones, you will lose!

If you planning to workout mostly with heavy Bag, better choose one quality pair of bag gloves. They are created for that job. You will hit fast, strong and properly. I personally prefer bag gloves that are well padded because of my old injuries.  Something like Title Gel World Bag Gloves or Ringside Gel shock Bag gloves (which are cheaper) will be the best choice for bag boxing gloves.

Gloves up! Heavy bag workout

Heavy bag workout for beginners. Let`s Glove up ! Tips and Tricks .

Keep balance!

Stay grounded!At first, you must find your balance then to hit the heavy bag. Take a step, plant your feet, balance and shoot your punch. Do it again!

Hit the bag but don`t throw yourself at the bag. You may circle around the bag but when comes the time to hit,  keep your feet on the ground.

The punch comes from the feet, if they are in the air you will not be able to use the full potential of the body.

Always move your body!

There are two types of movement – offensive when you punch and defensive when you move. So, if you don’t punch, move your foot, move your head and move your hands.

If you don`t learn how to move, in the real fight or in the ring you will lose…or worse.

The Buddhists say: “To move is to live, to stay is to die”. Think about it!

Protect yourself and hit correctly!

I have already talked about the need to use hand wraps and appropriate bag boxing gloves.

Using proper Wrapping technique and well-padded bag gloves allows you to punch harder with maximum power and speed without worrying about injuries.

This is mandatory! For proper punch, you must land your fist correctly. The knuckles who are hitting the punching bag are your pointer and middle finger knuckles.

The wrist must be kept straight when hitting and don’t bend it during a punch.

Start with slow punches to see if your knuckle position is right. If everything is ok you can continue faster and more powerfully.

Maintain your Stance and Distance!

Maintaining the right stance and distance is the difference between the victory and the loss.

Keep your elbows close with gloves in front of your face. The legs should be opened around the width of the shoulders and the dominant foot must be behind.

Maintaining proper distance is the core of the heavy bag workout. Move with the bag follow when it swings away and moves back when it comes again.

With every step, you make must reach the heavy bag with your gloves.

Judge the distance! If you are too close you will not be able to hit properly, if you stand too far you will not reach the heavy bag.

Breath, Focus, Stay Relaxed, Punch and Retract the Punches!

The key here is that if you breathe properly you will punch better and  if you are relaxed you will be faster.

Focus on breathing. Be relaxed but explosive. Every time you hit, exhale. This supply to the blood, and brain fresh oxygen.

Staying relaxed meanwhile hitting,  gives you the speed needed for a powerful punch. As soon as you make contact with the bag, retract the fists back to your face.Later, when you enter in the ring if you don`t practice fast retracting, your head will become one big swinging bell. You don`t need that!

When you are hitting the heavy bag, combo your punches.  For example ( 1-2-1) hook/jab-jab/hook .  The combinations are endless! Keep your elbows down to protect your body and your opposite glove up when punching to protect the head.

Focus your eyes in the bag but do not look at just one point. You must see the forest, not just one tree.

This will prepare you for incoming counter-punches. Your mind will be blocked if you staring on one point. Let your body to react.

The strong hit comes from the speed, the reaction, and the technique. All of them are not a question of thinking but training.

Final words.

Whether you are a beginner, a professional boxer or just a person trying to get in shape, heavy bag workouts have many benefits.

They are an obligatory part of the training of every professional boxer and a great tool for training beginner fighters. If you need to lose weight or simply remove stress, working with a heavy bag will always be beneficial to you.

Just don’t forget to pick up your best pair of boxing gloves.

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9 thoughts on “Heavy Bag workout for beginners. THE BEST TIPS AND TRICKS.

  1. My cousin is into boxing lately. He hits the gym occasionally, but he wants to have proper boxing equipment in his house too. He is still a beginner, so I think your article here can be helpful for him. When do you plan to write about choosing the right heavy bags? Also I hope you include the price range, because it will be helpful for budgeting 🙂 Thanks

  2. In the gym I go to, the heavy bag is more of a piece of cardio equipment than anything else, and it’s the best type of cardio in the gym. Hop on it for ten or so minutes and you just had a great cardio workout. I like some of the tips you gave, especially on breathing as well as combos of 4-6 strikes over the usual 2-3. The heavy bag has gotten very popular in even recreational gyms these days, so the more prevalent they are, the more important it is to learn how to use them properly. It has also become popular with every fitness level in my gym, from the advanced athlete to those who just want a fun mixup for their workout. 

  3. Hi Doychin

    You did a great job of introducing and explaining the use of heavy bags for beginners.  I have a small bag currently but may move up to a bigger one with the added knowledge on training tips – I will revise my punching/breathing  technique.

    Would a big bag also work for a  teenager (not yet 15)? We got the small bag basically because of the younger person but  now that they are older, maybe we could all use a bigger bag.  Any thoughts?

    Thanks. Ketan

    1. Hi Ketan!

      There are different types of punching bags. Depend on what type of martial art you sport.

      If you need speed and timing better is a smaller bag.

      The larger one heavy bag will allow you to work for power and condition.

      For children, up to 70 lb (32 kg )will be ok. In most cases, you must choose weight equal to half of your own weight. For size- depending on your martial art style. I prefer the standart heavy bag, which is about 4 to 5 feet ( 120-150 sm.). This size allows me to use my kicks too.

      Best Regards!

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for, my son is into boxing and after signing up for a gym where he goes to train on a weekly basis he has transformed one of the rooms of the house in his own little gym and I know he was looking exactly for this. I will be showing your website tonight and I am sure he will be more than pleased mom found something useful for once!

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Heavy Bag workout for beginners. THE BEST TIPS AND TRICKS.

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