How are boxing gloves made?

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Boxing is the oldest martial art known to us in history. Boxing was put on the Olympic program in 688 B.C. The Olympic fighters used leather strips to protect their hands. These bands are the oldest ancestor of the gloves. The Romans have modified these bands by adding spikes and turned them into a gladiator`s weapon known as cestus.

how are boxing gloves made


In the new boxing history for the first time, Jack Broughton used his version of workout gloves. During his time, boxing fights were held without boxing gloves.





John L. Sullivan is one of the boxers who popularize the wearing of gloves in public fights.


But how are the boxing gloves made?

People who loved boxing may have no idea how are the boxing gloves made. So I will try to explain it here.

The Process of making.

  • cutting
  • assembling
  • stitching
  • stuffing
  • finishing by hand


The first step in the production process is cutting the outer materials. Usually, the gloves are made from cowhide, synthetic leather or Vinyl. Leather gloves are usually of a much higher quality and more durable.

Then starts the stitching, shaping the shape of the glove before placing the pad. The base of the glove is initially sutured, which means that when the glove is turned, most of the seams and stitches are inside. It is also the time when additional things such as breathable meshes and gripping bars are put in.

Horsehair padding was originally used in all boxing gloves, but many modern gloves are filled with latex foam. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of glove, but the foam is the ideal choice for modern boxers.

Horsehair gloves are durable and help you dish out some major force, but they aren’t ideal for protecting your hands against an opponent’s skull or a heavy bag in the gym.

Foam padding has continued to grow in popularity and sophistication over the last few decades. The material used in foam training and competition gloves consists of a special combination of shock-absorbing PVC foam and latex.

If you want to learn the production process in detail, please visit this link or check out the video below:



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How are boxing gloves made?

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