How to get the smell out of the boxing gloves?

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After a long time of heavy workout, the gloves begin to develop an odor. That makes them almost unbreathable to wear. And anything worse! The inside may grow a full catalog of bacteria and sponges (which you should avoid at all costs). Have you ever ask yourself – How to get the smell out of the boxing gloves!?

What to do if my gloves smell terrible!?

Few tricks that I can recommend!

  • Always dry your gloves after using them! This is the first low of no smell.

After a hard workout is normal your hands become wet and sweaty. This also happens with your gloves too. To avoid that I recommend using hand wraps. Except that they protect your knuckles, they protect your gloves inside of sweeping.

You can use a hair-dryer on a cool setting and then dry out the all inside part of your gloves.

The Sun! the sun has properties to kill bacteria. So if you don’t use a hair-dryer, give to your gloves some “sunbath”. In Thailand, the Thai fighters regularly using this method, Just be sure that your gloves are positioned with the open side facing the sun and the outside part well covered (this is especially important for the gloves made of leather).

  • Kill the bacteria!

You can disinfect the gloves with half-and-half vinegar and water solution. Below I will link one site that I have found. There is explained almost everything that you need to know about the cleaning of your gloves.

There is a sponge too!? Well! My opinion is that you must kill the gloves too!

  • Use baking soda.

If your gloves are infected with bacteria and sponges and you don’t want to kill them, I suggest you try this method. People don’t know but except that baking soda is deodorizer also kills the bacteria and the sponges. I would also add a few drops of essential oil for example orange, lemon or tea tree. I constantly use this method and so far give me greats results.


Do the hand wraps are helpful protecting no smell?

How to get the smell out of the boxing gloves

Definitely, Yes! Talking about the smell, they are like socks for the shoes. Have you ever smelled shoes that have been worn without socks?! You have not? Then do not do it! 🙂

You can care for them as you care about your socks:

  • Invest in a few pairs of wraps.
  • If they wet, dry them.
  • If they smell, wash them and take your other pairs.

How to get the smell out of the boxing gloves! What not to do?

  • Washing the gloves in the washer.

Many people are thinking that if they washed their pair of gloves in the washer they will get the smell out of the boxing gloves. Don’t do it! Except if you want to harm them very badly.

  • The store used wraps in the gloves.

Don’t store your used wraps inside the gloves. I know that this is the easiest way to easily store them but believe me, you will double the smell inside (and outside).

  • Share your gloves.

That is selfish but don’t share your gloves. You don’t know where have been the other hands. Yes, I am talking about sponges. Did you remember? Have you some of these? Better buy a new one pair of gloves.

  • Freeze method

Yes, it is true! Some boxers use this method. They put each glove in a plastic bag and then freeze them in the freezer. Probably this method is good BUT what happens with the bacteria? I am a biologist, this method is probably good against the smell but you can’t kill the bacteria inside. You just make bacteria dormant. A few weeks later, the same result- Smell.

What preventive methods to use?


So, here is the shortlist of things that you should do:

  • Wash and dry your hands before using it.
  • Use clean and dry hand wraps.
  • After training dry your gloves with hair-dryer or “sunning” method.
  • Disinfect inside and outside parts of the gloves.
  • If they began to smell use baking soda plus some essential oil (the tea tree oil has an antiseptic effect too).


Finally, I will link one of the best video guides that I have ever seen for cleaning and maintaining the good condition of your gloves.


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How to get the smell out of the boxing gloves?

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