How to make fist !Few tips!

How to make fist

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To form the hand in the fist is so natural, but do we know how to do it properly without injuring our hands when we hit? This is very important when we train hard and especially for those who enter the boxing gym for the first time.

If you form your fist in the wrong way inside the gloves, when you hit the bag or pads, you can seriously injure your hands. One of the biggest mistakes of beginners is that they don’t care about the consequences. And believe me! There are always consequences.

Few simple steps to form a correct fist.

  • Bend your fingers except for your thumb.
  • Place your thumb across the second knuckles of your middle and index finger.
  • Keep your fist tightly closed, and your fingers closed in your palms.

Your hits should be landing on the knuckles on the base of the fingers. You need to have your hands closed, tight when you make contact. Start your punch with your hands open, and clench your fist right before you make contact. If you’re hitting the middle of your finger, your hands may be open inside your gloves. You will break your hand, even inside your gloves, if you are striking with your hands open.

I have found here one article that will help you understand the all “process” of making a fist.

If you have still problems with making a strong fist I suggest you buy some hand gripper for bettering your finger strength.

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How to make fist !Few tips!

by Doychin Paunov time to read: 1 min
Hit in the nose! Do you like my gloves? :)