How to wrap hands for boxing?Useful links!

How to wrap hands for boxing

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There is a lot of material on the internet regarding how to wrap hands for boxing. I personally also used the internet to learn how to do it.

Wrapping your hands properly is important because you can avoid many injuries. There is no “The right” way to wrap your hands. It is all about personal choice and preference. Just make sure that you are protected in the wrist and knuckles.

How to wrap hands for boxing! Few things that must avoid:

  • Never wrap your hands too tightly. You will cut off the circulation.
  • Do not use wet hand wraps inside the gloves unless you want to make them smell too.

So there`s nothing more to talk about. Just watch the videos below, learn and practice!


If you need more information may visit this website. It is explained with a detailed presentation.

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How to wrap hands for boxing?Useful links!

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