Is there a reason to choose Ringside boxing equipment? Why do I need their gloves?

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Ringside boxing earned its reputation as one of the world’s largest suppliers of mixed martial arts and boxing equipment for participants of all levels.

Since they have been on the market for over 15 years. For the older boxers, the ringside boxing equipment is synonymous with boxing. Ringside boxing gloves have been one of the most popular mid-range choices.

About Ringside boxing

Ringside Boxing Ltd has 17 years of history. The company is founded in 2002 with a registered office in London.

They were one of the first companies that improved some old-school craftsmanship gloves, integrating newer technology as IMF Tech, Gel Shock and Dome Air.

Ringside has evolved from a pure boxing glove maker to a complex supplier of products for MMA and boxing. Now they are producing everything -headgear, trunks, punching bags, bag gloves, training equipment, and competition apparel.

Curious: Ringside is the official distributor of Cleto Reyes in the US (you should know however that Ringside is NOT a manufacturer of Cleto gloves).

Why to choose Ringside boxing equipment?

The quality of the Ringside boxing gloves is pretty good. Their products are similar in quality and features to brands like TITLE and RIVAL

The workmanship of their products is not the best and they cannot compete with that of Cleto Reyes, Winning or Casanova but they do make pretty good middle-range gloves.

The Ringside boxing equipment is more oriented towards the mass market, which means they make products suitable for 90 percent of the people who need some quality equipment at good price.

One of the negative aspects of demand for a big market is that they have flooded the market with cheap boxing gloves, more suitable for fitness maniacs.

You should use Ringside gloves just for speed and power work. They are wonderful for hitting the bags and also speed bags. But the hard nature of the foam makes them bad for actual sparring.

Ringside boxing has implemented many innovative technologies that I will briefly explain below.

The technology behind Ringside`s gloves

  • IMF tech

Short for Injected Molded Foam Technology, this technology is used in many of the Ringside boxing gloves and even in some MMA gloves.IMF is a single piece of protective foam created by injecting a specially formulated liquid into an anatomically correct mold. IMF delivers a durable, shock-absorbing foam that requires no break-in period, stays consistent over time, and encases the fist in a natural position that allows for comfort and proper form.


Molded Protective Foam technology is superior to layered-foam padding systems because MPF provides an ergonomically-shaped hand compartment that has superior resilience.

As in the case of IMF Tech, MPF takes comfort into account by constructing a pre-curved, molded hand compartment that provides a more natural fit than other products. MPF goes into final products like PRO STYLE TRAINING GLOVES that are made of synthetic leather-like material, which is both durable and easy to clean.

The bottom line is that MPF yields a more resilient and impact-reducing padding system than traditional layered foam.


Quick Tie Tech simplifies and streams the hassle of traditional lace closures. The internal eyelets are replaced with external lace channels, allowing equipment to be tightened with one simple pull of the strings.


D.A.T. combines specially engineered foam layers with a strategically placed air pocket to disperse and minimize incoming force. This air chamber aids the impact-reducing properties of the foam by using air trapped in the pocket as a natural energy dissipater.


The Quad-Layer Impact Foam System consists of four foam layers bonded together to create gloves that absorb shock and maintain protective integrity. Different material is used for each individual layer. The composition of each of the four layers complements the others. Together, they combine to minimize incoming force.

A Closer Look At Ringside Boxing Gloves Models

Ringside, has a big amount of glove options available. And many of the models offered by Ringside are cheap gloves suitable for fitness maniacs, but not real boxers.


Gloves costing less than $40 are gloves for amateurs and cannot withstand a serious workout. The cheap boxing gloves cannot offer the same protection as gloves with a price between 50 $-80 $ and more.


The IMF’s technology gloves are the most popular Ringside and their best-selling gloves. These include the IMF technology – which I have described above


You must choose some of these models If you are really concerned with protecting your sparring partner during sparring sessions. The Gel shock gloves swap out the foam for special gel padding.

This means the gloves absorb a lot more impact energy. These gloves are a higher priced glove than the IMF Tech Sparring gloves.


Ringside’s entry-level boxing gloves. This is the model where you get real boxing gloves, not cheap gloves for fitness that Ringside offers at a lower price. These are affordable (50 $-80 S) and geared for bag work or boxing pads

Some Opinion by the forums:

“Good feel, nice look. They are a bit tight, I do not believe I could use wraps with them. I prefer these over my 6oz bag gloves for bag work. They do not let us use our own gloves for amateurs otherwise I would definitely use these!”

“I got these for about 30 bucks for end of year sale and by far these are my favorite gloves for use on focus mitts and heavy bag (I own some other 14oz ringside IMF tech, pro impact 16oz and Everlast 12oz). The padding is very protective for the knuckles, the thumb is in a great position, I never hit the thumb even if I try in these and the padding around the wrist is very good too especially when you lace them up tightly. Now if only I can find a similar glove for sparring I’d be set

The best gloves I’ve ever used! I’ve used many different kinds of boxing gloves since I was 12 years old when I began boxing and these are by far the most comfortable and quality gloves I’ve ever worn and used! You can use them in sparring, hitting the heavy bag or the double-end bag, and even in competition. Ringside is hands down the best!”




Well, Is there a reason to choose Ringside boxing equipment?


-Yes, RINGSIDE is a good, affordable brand with average quality boxing gloves, which are about 50-80 dollars!



However, if you’ve decided to spend more money, better look for another brand in which you get better quality for your money.

Why do I need their gloves?


-If you prefer to practice hard with the bag, it’s better to have a pair of RINGSIDE gloves (APEX model) in the corner!


I hope this article was useful to you!

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8 thoughts on “Is there a reason to choose Ringside boxing equipment? Why do I need their gloves?

  1. Englishman Jack Broughton was the inventor of the the modern boxing glove way back in 1743; so it comes as no surprise that Ringside Boxing Ltd is premised in London.

    Boxing is a sport that requires a lot of practice and therefore protection is needed against punching bags which you cannot hit with bare knuckles. The boxer and sparring partner need not have their faces bruised during training. This is why I liked your power tip of using the Ringside IMF TECH boxing gloves that can withstand a serious work out.

    Thank you for widen my understanding of boxing gloves and the latest technology incorporated in them.

  2. I really love your post. Well done for bringing my attention to the technology in boxing equipments as designed by Ringside. Boxing and MMA are loved by so many people but the injuries are scary. I am most fascinated by  the new technology that Ringside introduces most especially MPF – molded protective foam Technology. 

  3. As a beginner in the sport of boxing, my personal preference is IMF Tech Sparring Glove which is just a really good, comfortable, and really long-lasting sparring glove. It may not be the best glove out there, but I consider it as a great mid-range affordable boxing glove that offer a lot of value for what you pay. With Ringside’s brand name, I do not doubt its durability even though some experts question if the special formulated liquid that’s injected can withstand long hours of usage. Trust the brand’s 17 years of history! That’s enough for me to have peace of mind using it.

    1. Correct! Ringside is not the best but not the worst. They just do their job and you can safely trust them!

  4. I have been doing some boxing training for a while now but my selection of gloves is what I say is not best for they don’t over the best. I think and believe that ringside gloves can deliver where others have. failed and what I am looking for is  quality comfort and pocket-friendly .that can be found in ringside gloves

  5. I must say that this article is very informative and helpful. Boxing is one of my hobbies and it is something that relieves me and it feels so good when you spend energy on the boxing bag. I did not hear about this brand but their gloves look so powerful, I will order cheap version as I am amateur.

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Is there a reason to choose Ringside boxing equipment? Why do I need their gloves?

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