Kids boxing gloves -How to choose boxing gloves for my kid?!

kids boxing gloves

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Children are full of energy. Especially the boys. I know what I am talking about. I have 5 years aged “tornado” at my house! To protect myself (and my house), I had to buy one pair of kids boxing gloves. (Although some girls are incompatible with the label “Princess”)

To channel this energy in the right direction, it would be a good idea to turn it into some kind of physical activity. It always is better to choose a sport that can give your kids many benefits.

In my case the choice of my son was boxing. If you are in a similar situation like mine you will become asking one simple question!

How to choose boxing gloves for my kid? Which is the best when there are so many types of gloves available in the market?

I will try to answer that question in the next article!

Children boxing in the ring

Kids boxing gloves-How to choose the quality?

There are many cheap models in the market. Don’t get fooled into buying them! They are with low quality and also lack required padding for protection for kids` hands and wrists.

It is very tempting to buy the first cheap pair of kids boxing gloves that you find. Beware! You will get what you pay for! In the long term buying quality kids, boxing gloves will save you money. The cheap ones last just a few months. Finding the right pair is your best bet. So, let`s talk about it!

Kids boxing gloves are available from the age of three years until the teenage. The quality of the shapes and the form are generally the same as adult ones.

The kid’s boxing gloves are covered with leather, vinyl or synthetic leather from the outside and gel padding from the inside.

There are many brands offering kids boxing gloves with low and average quality and few ones offering top quality materials and best engineering. (Adidas, Rival, RDX, etc.)

  • Protection

I think that Safety must be the top priority while choosing the kids boxing gloves. When children are training should have fun instead of getting pain.

When we are talking about padding, not all gloves are the same. Certain types of padding are offering better protection than others.

For example (IMF) Injection-molded foam disperses the force and reduces the shock on the knuckles. Due to its dense and pliable nature, the IMF padding works very well to redistribute the forces created on impact and prevents injuries.

You will not find that kind of padding in the cheaper one’s kids boxing gloves.

Ringside Youth IMF Tech Sparring Gloves, Navy/Yellow, 12-Ounce
  • Package length: 36.83 cm
  • Package width: 17.272 cm
  • Package height: 12.192 cm
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This is very important. While boxing the child’s wrists are under intense strain. The muscles and the bones should be well protected as they are still growing and are tender and fragile.

Normally the kids boxing gloves have a hook and loop wrap-around closure system. This system makes it easy to take off and put back during the training sessions.

The pros of that closure are that your kid can reliably secure the closure by himself or herself.

The better ones are gloves with lace-ups because offer more wrist support, but they require a second person to secure. Typically, kids (and adults as well) will use a hook and lace for training but have a separate lace-up pair for competition.

Lace-up glove

The better ones are gloves with lace-ups because offer more wrist support, but they require a second person to secure. Typically, kids (and adults as well) will use a hook and lace for training but have a separate lace-up pair for competition.


  • The best quality means one hundred percent leather.
  • Above-average quality is with leather and vinyl
  • The average quality is with vinyl.

Kids boxing gloves-How to choose the Size and the Weight?

Keep in mind that safety and comfort are your primary concerns. These can be achieved with the proper fit, size, and weight The size and weight of the gloves increase according to the age and estimated the size of children within the age.

The glove should comfortably cover the fists. It should be snug but allow some movement and never lose to avoid injury. Ideally, there should be enough room around the hands since kids will also be putting on hand wraps before wearing the gloves. Boxing gloves are usually categorized as small, medium and large.

Size Chart – Kids Boxing Gloves

  • S: Hand Measurement – 6” (15.5 cm)SIZE
  • M: Hand Measurement- 6.5”(16.5 cm)
  • L: Hand Measurement- 7” (18 cm)
  • XL: Hand Measurement-7.5”(19 cm)


  • Boxing gloves for kids between the ages of 3 to 9 years, the normal weight just around 4-6 ounces.
  • Children 10 years and up will do well using 6 to 8 ounces


Tips and Advises

  • Cheaper gloves that come under $15 will have less padding and offers little protection for your kid.
  • Keep in mind that safety and comfort are your primary concerns. Avoid buying gloves that are too cheap or you risk getting your child injured.


  • The weight and size of the glove are not interlinked in any way.
  • Let your kid choose the color on the gloves first before buying.
  • Glove weight ranges from 2 – 14 ounces for kids.


  • The training gloves are usually heavier by 2 ounces and are intended for frequent training sessions.
  • Wearing lighter gloves during matches will increase speed and power.
  • Make sure the gloves cover kid’s fists comfortably.


  • The gloves should be comfortable that allows free movement.
  • As your kids will be using hand wraps as well before putting on the gloves, so make sure there is some room for that.
  • Parents and kids have to learn the proper way of applying the wraps.


  • Remember, the gloves stretch after some time, so don’t buy gloves that are too comfortable because they do tend to loosen up after several uses.
  • It is better to buy two pairs of gloves for your kids, one for training and sparring sessions, and another for competitions and matches.


  • A decent pair of gloves for children will cost around $30 to $45.
  • There are some proven and popular brands available like Ringside, Adidas, RDX, Everlast ( usually cost $50 to $80 but include the best materials and construction).
  • Good quality gloves can last 1 to 2 years and will not tear or rip easily.


Is boxing safe for the kids?

kid boxing

Most uninformed people, consider boxing as an activity where kids are “hitting each other in the head”. These people confuse seriously.

With the supervision of a trainer and proper kids boxing gloves, they will start with movement exercises that will improve their motor skills, learn some beginner punches and stretching exercises – all in a safe environment, surrounded by their peers. And they will drastically reduce the stress-Your Stress! 🙂

I have some kids boxing gloves suggestions you may be interested in!


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10 thoughts on “Kids boxing gloves -How to choose boxing gloves for my kid?!

  1. I only have one boy, he was my last child and I really didn’t realize how much different they are than girls.  Soooo much more energy and excitement!  His Father has said many times it would be a good idea to get him into some Keo Kempo which is an old style Marshall art.

    I would have to agree that quality over being frugal would be of utmost importance in choosing a proper glove for your child.  These are very great tips to remember in choosing the right glove, fit and protection for your children.  

    Glad to see you provided instruction to properly applying the wraps and specifying that lace up gloves are a better choice for wrist support.  Its very good to know all of this as it would not be good to jump blindly into this activity and your child end up getting hurt and not wanting to continue.

    Great article.

  2. Thanks for writing on how to choose the boxing gloves for kids. I really find this article so Informative ,I have buy many gloves for my 5 Years old boy many things that I lose count because am the type that teach kids self defence in other not to be bully by there mate. But reading this article makes me think twice about buying cheap gloves for him and go for the best one that I will be getting quality in return for my money 

  3. I have always wanted to be an amateur boxers, however time has taken that dream away from me. I do hope my kid can love the sport of boxing as well. However, my boy is just 2, and it’s hard to tell but I have already started pushing boxing into his imagination, and hoping for the best. I like this article, and hope getting him his first boxing gloves, can ignite his interest in boxing. 

    1. My son was the same. And then he walked straight to the way of the warriorss. Just wait a few more months and you’ll see … and you’ll decide.

  4. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. I am a great fan of  Injection molded foam because it is highly durable and not too expensive to use. My 7 year old kid is doing well with this product and he is learning boxing at high piece. Thanks for the eye opener.I learnt alot from your article

  5. My daughter has just started boxing and I have been looking around for a good pair of gloves for her. I didn’t realise there would be so much difference between the cheaper pairs and ones that cost a little more. I definitely want to get a proper pair that protect her hands and wrists, especially important for kids as their bones are still developing. I think I’ll go for a mid-range priced pair spending up to about $40 dollars until she gets more serious in her training.

    Thanks for the information

    1. Yes the mid-range is a good choice. You will have a gloves with good quality for acceptable price.

      Good luck!

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Kids boxing gloves -How to choose boxing gloves for my kid?!

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