Boxing Bag gloves

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If you’re new to boxing, finding the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training can seem pretty daunting. This is perhaps because there are varieties of brands, types, and not to mention how confusing the sizing can get. When you are ready to pick up your training or simply upgrade your equipment, it will be vital to consider some of the following points to help you make the right decision before purchasing one.

Intended Usage

If you’re to intending to buy boxing bag gloves for heavy bag training, then you don’t need to purchase a pair with laces. Well, this may necessarily not apply to someone who is going for sparring because he or she may need a lace-up pair to enhance maximum protection and stabilization.


Boxing bag gloves for sale come in a vast spectrum of weights. The best boxing gloves suitable for heavy bag training weigh about 8 to 20 oz or even more depending on your strength capacity. While heavier boxing glove may be hard to work with, it offers you more paddling for your hands while training. Of course, you will also be training your arms to get used to a more massive load so that you find it easy and extremely light when it’s right time to step into a real pair of fight gloves.


You need to keep in mind that not all punching bag gloves are designed with the same padding level. For example, Cleto Reyes boxing gloves distribute different weights that offer much firmer punch but less protection for your hands. Besides these gloves being used in the ring and while training by many professionals, they may not be your best choice for heavy bag training or sparring for fitness purposes.


If you’re a boxing fanatic, price should be your last concern when choosing the best boxing bag gloves. However, it essential putting into consideration the quality and variety of boxing gloves for sale available in the market today. A pair of standard boxing gloves for training cost somewhere between $20 and &50. But if you’re looking for sturdier pair of boxing gloves for heavy training, you can expect to pay from $40 to $100.

There are many more things you may need to consider when evaluating your options for punching bag gloves, as these are just a few of the factors. It is imperative to choosing gloves for heavy bag training base on the above factors.