Boxing sparring gloves

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Choosing the right boxing sparring gloves! Checklist!

Choosing the right pair of boxing sparring gloves is one of the essential things you can do when you’re getting started to boxing. This is perhaps because wearing the wrong gloves not only affects the quality of your training but also increases your chances of injury over time.

Boxing gloves are built solely for sparring and have extra padding, which protects you and your sparring partner. While they are sized the same as that of trainers, sparring gloves can be a bit heavier due to its extra padding. Here are important checklists to consider when choosing the right boxing sparring gloves that meet your needs.

Right brand

As with any type of apparel, when shopping for boxing sparring gloves, you are faced with a choice between higher-priced premium brands or cheaper entry-level brands. Choosing the right gloves for you should not be a hassle. All you need is to consider how often you will be using boxing gloves and how long. If you’re planning for regular boxing, then it would be wise to invest in high-quality premium boxing gloves.


Leather is definitely the best material for heavy use since it’s more durable as compared to cheaper synthetic materials. However, if you’re only interested in being a casual boxer, you may consider a more inexpensive pair of gloves.

Gloves weight

Choosing the right weight of your gloves is the most confusing aspect of this process. The main things you need to consider is the weight you need on your body and the level of protection you may require. A recommended weight of the gloves for men ranges between 14oz to 16oz, while that of women ranges between 10oz to 12oz.


Another essential thing that guarantees your comfort when using boxing gloves is its fitness. While you won’t want to loose fit, wearing boxing gloves that do not fit won’t pack much of a wallop. It’s recommended that you buy gloves that snug a little as they tend to stretch with use.


The color of boxing sparring gloves may be the last thing to consider at this juncture. Most often, individuals choose their favorite color depending on their sense of style.

If you’re a boxing enthusiast who really wants to improve your training, then you need to stock up on the best boxing sparring gloves. Therefore, think about how you’re going for them and some of the specific attributes you want them to have, and you should definitely be able to make an easy decision.