Punching bags

In the articles  HEAVY BAG FOR A WORKOUT! How to choose it? and   Punching bag types-Full list we`ve tried to explain in detail all factors you should take in mind about materials used, filling, weight, size, different types of punching bags, and mounting.

This article will briefly describe the baseline criteria on which should be evaluated the best heavy bags with the hope that it will be useful to you in case you still have doubts about the correct choice.


Evaluating the best Punching bags.  What to check?


The main criteria here are the materials used, the stitching technique, and the extras that enhance the quality of the heavy bag.

Polyester: Low budget cover. Cheap materials and low quality. Avoid them if you do not want to buy a new heavy bag each year.

Vinyl or Canvas: The most commonly used fabric. It combines good quality at a very affordable price. Suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Artificial Leather: Not as durable as natural skin but strong enough to cover your needs for a long time. Medium and high-grade brands often use this type of cover. Accessible price.

Genuine leather:  The best choice. Heavy bags covered with this type of material are almost eternal. They hold thousands of hits but are relatively expensive. They are suitable for professionals.

Stitching and additional extras: Some brands use double sewing or reinforced synthetic thread, which greatly reduces the risk of breaking and significantly increases the quality of heavy bags.


Heavy bags are available with different fill options. Some of them come infilled, which is a disadvantage, especially for beginners.

It takes a lot of time and a certain skill to correctly adjust the bags, as the final result is sometimes unsatisfactory.

That’s why with the most stars on these criteria, I’ve rated factory-filled heavy bags with the condition that it’s important for beginners.

In most cases, professionals prefer to determine by own the weight and fill, so first and foremost beginners and amateurs should take this in mind.

Professionals prefer this type of heavy bag as they have specific needs. They also have the necessary skills and knowledge. Lack of filling dramatically reduces the price and the cost of delivery, but for every beginner, these are unnecessary headaches.

One-component filling
The most common filling. Eighty percent of pre-filled punching bags are filled with only one component. This, of course, reduces the price.

Complex fill
in most cases, the factory-filled heavy bags arrive filled with only one kind of material (mostly sand). However, the high-quality ones are filled with several components, which significantly improves the impact when hitting.

Additional filling options
Unfilled heavy bags have holes or lids with a zipper through which the filling can be placed. The factory-filled heavy bags sometimes do not have this feature, so those who own it are especially appreciated for the ability to adjust the weight and the filling.

Mounting  and ease of use

Some of the boxing bags are ready for use at the moment of arrival, but others require a little bit more skills to be prepared for proper use.

Hung on the ceiling and/or the floor

Unless you have decided to purchase a special mount, you should consider several factors here.
Robust construction where you can hang the heavy bag, the necessary set of tools to do it and a sufficient supply of nerves


You need a little work here. Typically, this type of mounting isn’t very complicated, but you still need the tools, the patience, and the skills to handle it.

Freestanding mount
This type of mounting is a ready-to-go type. They do not require any effort or special mounting skills. In most cases, it is necessary to fill the base or the bag itself with sand or water and you are ready for the workout.

Additional attachment kit

Most of the bags come with an extra mount kit (hooks, chains, etc.) which is a great advantage. It saves you a lot of time and extra money

Mounting system
When you buy some of the premium bags, they come along with a complete mounting system that makes them extremely easy to prepare. Of course, you can order this type of system additionally if it is not included.

Additional features and gear included

Adjustable option

This is an important feature. Thanks to this option, you can adjust the heavy bag according to your height, which is very important for proper punching.


Round base
In rare cases, some bags come with a round base for transportation. This is good if you want to move the bag frequently or store it.

Round base
In rare cases, some bags come with a round base for transportation. This is good if you want to move the bag frequently or store it.

Why is your bag,  if you do not have gloves? Some punching bags are combined with boxing gloves (which slightly increases the price but is cheaper than buying them separately)
Saving money! do you get it?

Wrist bands
Just like gloves, but saving less money!