Cleto Reyes

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Almost every pro-boxer is using Cleto Reyes boxing gloves. They come from Mexico. And, yes they have 80 years of experience in producing the best worldwide boxing equipment.

Cleto Reyes is a very well known and popular brand when it comes to boxing and sparring and their gloves are one of the top choices for newbies and well-seasoned boxers alike due to their craftsmanship, looks, and revolutionary build that keeps the hand together and protected without adding too much weight to the gloves.

These days Cleto Reyes makes 30,000  units of gloves and gear per year. They have 150 workers and the business is based in a small workshop in Mexico City and exported to five different continents.

Cleto Reyes gloves were used in a world championship fight for the first time on “La Condesa Arena”.

Known as a “puncher’s glove”, they’re popular among world champion fighters.

Some of the boxers used or  using Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are:

  • Maureen Shea (professional female boxer with a current record of 25-2-1 with 12 wins coming by way of KO).
  • Brad Pickett (The retired Brad “One Punch” Pickett boasted a record of 25-14, with 7 TKO’s, 10 submissions and 8 decision wins.)
  • Muhammed Ali`s daughter Laila Ali( Like her father she used Cleto Reyes and she retired with an undefeated career record of 24-0.
  • Jimi Manuwa, Nicole Wesner, Diana Prazak and many more …