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Hayabusa fight gear is one of the leading brands in the martial arts community. They are creating high-quality martial arts equipment and clothing which is very popular among all the elite athletes in the world.

Many famous fighters (Vladimir Matyushenko, Rory MacDonald, Brian Foster, Yves Jabuen, Ryan Jensen, Kyle Watson) trust this brand and use Hayabusa fight equipment in their daily training and professional bouts.

Hayabusa offers everything you need to have a quality and safe workout.

They produce quality and high-tech equipment that goes through various tests and experiments before being made available to the final customers.

In their product lines, you can find boxing gloves, MMA gloves, hybrid gloves, boxing gloves deodorizers, Jiu-jitsu Gis, BJJ belts, Bjj bracelets, Shin guards, Headgear, fight shorts, rash guards, and much more.

Their best-selling boxing gloves Hayabusa T3 and Hayabusa Kanpeki T3 are extremely popular among martial arts practitioners.

Hayabusa gloves feature properly designed glove protection. They have achieved this after repeated tests, collaboration with various universities and laboratories, and the creation of some innovative patented technologies like Hayabusa`s double strap DUAL X and Fusion Splinting.

hayabusa machine testing

hayabusa fight gear

Credits: Hayabusa official site