Everlast elite pro style training gloves


Everlast Elite Pro-Style training gloves


Quality and Craftsmanship


Durability and Long-lasting


Protection and padding


Closure system


Wrist support


Lining and stitching




Do they smell after some usage?



  • EverCool ™ technology
  • EverShield ™ technology
  • Hourglass-shaped wrist


  • Little protection around the knuckles
  • lose it`s shape

Everlast Elite Pro Style training gloves are one of the best choices for you if you are looking for the perfect all-around boxing gloves.


This pair of gloves the Everlast`s best-seller training model


They are ideal for beginners, whether they are men or women. The gloves are suitable for work with heavy bags, sparring, training, and boxing pads.


Everlast Elite Prostyle gloves are a common choice for all men over 68 kg wishing to develop shock velocity and for all women aspiring to develop their muscles.

Why exactly Everlast ?

Everlast is one of the most famous brands in the USA. Everlast Pro Style Elite version is a modernized variant of the Everlast regular training boxing gloves.


They have a slightly different shape and function than normal ones. These training gloves are more focused on beginners than on professionals. They are made mostly for boxing, but they would do a great job in other martial arts such as kickboxing or Muay Thai.

The Elite pro-style gloves are created for heavy bag workouts, mitt work, and sparring.

These gloves are mainly aimed at beginner boxers and, along with their relatively good price, have some advantages that distinguish them from other gloves in this class.


EverCool ™ technology.

The ventilation and breathable fabrics that compose Everlast’s Evercool performance technology are the ultimate sources of temperature regulation.

Unlike other gloves that have a small breathing section, with Elit Pro Style training gloves, the hand is almost entirely covered with a mesh palm. The mesh is located from the base of the strap to the fingers.

This is a great advantage for the ventilation and breathing of the glove.

Keep it in mind if you do not want your pair of new gloves to Start Stinking after just a few exercises.

Beginners boxers who do not yet know how to maintain their gear should pay particular attention to this advantage

·       EverShield ™ technology


 The Pro Style training gloves have some kind of “shield „section on the back of the wrist which included an amount of extra padding around the wrist.This is a big advantage when we are talking about the protection and support of the wrist. The Velcro system section is small but is fairly strong and holds in place quite securely, so you can wear these with no worries about them coming loose.

·       EverFresh™ technology

Anyone who is involved with boxing or any martial arts using gloves knows very well. After prolonged use, the gloves begin to stink.

Everlast has tried to solve this problem with its own EverfreshTechnology. This Technology uses antimicrobial treatment to prevent offensive odors, keeping your gloves smelling fresh.

  Hourglass-shaped wrist


The new hourglass shape improves the fist anatomy in order to get a better fit and proper hit. The shape corresponds to the natural shape of a fist, helping for the correct punching techniques. This is very important, especially for novice boxers.

Of course, these gloves have some drawbacks.


· Although they are very well protected around the wrists, Everlast gloves have little protection around the knuckles. There the pad is considerably smaller. It is therefore advisable to use them with hand wraps for better protection.

· The full mesh palm, apart from the excellent ventilation, leads to a little inconvenience. The glove construction itself is a bit more unstable. When the glove is not used for a long time begins to lose its shape.


These gloves are a good choice for both men and women, beginners or advanced.

They are mainly aimed at boxers but can also be used appropriately in Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. They have a wide variety of colors, excellent wrist protection, good average cost, and good quality.


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