Sanabul gel gloves

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves


What you think about the Quality?


Are the Materials and Stitching good?


How about the Closure system?


Is the wrist support ok?


Do they last long?


Are they good for Bag workout?


Are they good for Sparring?


Are they good for all-around training?


Are they good for Competitions?


Are they smell after some usage?



  • Durasoft impact protection foam.
  • Longitudinal arch design.
  • Performance engineer leather construction.
  • Secure velcro closure system.
  • Mesh palm.
  • Variety of Sizing.


  • Tightness.
  • Heavy bag weakness.

If you are a beginner boxer or kickboxer and you are looking for your training gloves, You should not pass this pair.

What makes these gloves one of the best training gloves available in the market?

The foam that is used in the gloves is infused with gel which gives more protection and softness. This prevents injuring knuckles and hands while training.

The shape of the gloves can significantly impact performance. That is why Sanabul training gel boxing gloves are one step before the others. Because of the unique design that they have, you can be sure that the gloves will be fit comfortably on your hands. This will properly close your fist and each punch will be with maximum impact and power.

They are covered with special developed engineer leather which is your best choice if you want your hands not to sweat. The leather makes the gloves breathable and ensures enhanced durability. Engineered leather makes gloves easier for cleaning and disinfecting.

Essential Gel Boxing Training Gloves have a velcro closure system. This system makes gloves easier to put and take almost instantly.

The palms are made from mesh. That makes the hands remain cooler while practicing. The mesh palm ensures that the gloves do not hold any bacteria and moisture inside.

If you are using hand wraps, you probably will notice that the gloves are too tight around the knuckles. But this is not such a problem until you follow the size guide.

These gloves are not intended for long-term using with a bag. It is better to use the gloves mostly for sparring sessions.

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