Sparring tips and 4 unwritten rules in the martial arts!

sparring tips and 4 rules

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In this article, I will share with you some sparring tips and unwritten rules which I follow in my training.

Sparring is an essential part of the training of any martial artist. Its main goal is to enable practitioners to work in an environment that is as close to the real battle as possible during the sessions.

Many beginners think that this part of the training is a real fight, which is a huge mistake. The goal of sparring is simply to improve your skills as well as those of your training partner.

That’s why, in this article, I’ll tell you exactly what are my major sparring tips and rules, so you’d better remember and follow them.  These rules I even would say that are the laws of the sparring. I personally use all of them and they are doing a great job so far.

 Rule 1: Do not use 100% of your power. 

This rule can easily be forgotten during sparring, especially when you ” get hot”, but that can not be used as an excuse. You shouldn’t hit your training partner with all your might. After all, your focus is not on a knockout, but to refine your technique and use it properly.

There is always the risk of a little stronger strikes, but this can only be allowed if you have previously agreed with your partner to hit harder. However, if you notice that you or your partner is starting to hit too hard, stop the sparring for a while to cool down.

Of course, if you are agreed to play with somewhat more power, things are more understandable, but it’s better to do that with a maximum of 70% of your power, yet it’s sparing, not a real fight.

Rule 2: Respect your sparring partner.

Sparring can bring your game to a much higher level. Like you, everyone in the gym is trying to learn more and get the most out of the training session. Do not waste your time and the time of your partner talking, instead of learning the techniques you have set.

It’s a good idea to find out what experience have your partner, and if he’s a newbie in the gym, you have to be more careful with him and hit even lighter than usual.

It is best to give him advice and guidance Rin the application of certain techniques in case of need, and if you are inexperienced, you can ask for help without worrying. Nobody is born with experience and everybody in the gym is one team and they have one goal – to improve themself.

 Rule  3: Leave your ego at the entrance of the gym.

There is no winner in sparring. This is not a race, but an exercise no different than the work of boxing bag, abdominal presses, shadow boxing and etc. Remember this very well!  To get the result of this exercise, you must allow your sparring partner to learn how to defend himself from your attacks, and you from his.

If you give the will of your ego and enter each sparring session with the idea of ​​winning, you will rather lose – your time, your partner’s time and you will not learn anything new.

If you listen to this advice and forget about your ego, you will be able to focus on new techniques, improving the old ones and at the same time helping your partner to improve their own.

 Rule 4: Always use protectors.

Sparring is a workout in a safe environment. There is a reason why the coach always checks you whether you have a mouth guard or shin protectors.

The  Sparring gloves are part of this exercise by default but better for you (and your partner) to have one quality pair for the best protection.

The availability of additional safety equipment is not meant to make your movements more embarrassing, but to make sure that whatever happens, you can concentrate on the sparring, not worrying about traumas.


The Sparring sessions are definitely one of the mandatory martial arts training. Here you can practice all the tricks learned in the gym.

Besides perfecting your techniques, this kind of exercise is very fun and is the closest parallel to your ultimate goal – to go against a real opponent of a real ring in a real fight.

Therefore, it is important to observe these sparring tips and unwritten rules to make the most of each session.

Now take your best pair of sparring gloves and go to the gym!

Sparring gloves

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Sparring tips and 4 unwritten rules in the martial arts!

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