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Mundo Boxing

Mundo Boxing: A Brand Built on Experience and Passion for the Sport

Mundo Boxing was founded by the renowned Olympic-level professional boxing coach Dr. Pedro Diaz in 2012. The brand is dedicated to providing specialized training and achieving the best performance and competitive results for boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), and all combat sports.

The mission of Mundo Boxing is to offer practical solutions backed by scientific and technological advances to enhance the competitive performance of athletes. The brand aims to build a comprehensive work group of highly qualified talent to deliver practical solutions of high quality and excellence.

The visionary behind Mundo Boxing, Dr. Pedro Diaz, brings over four decades of experience as a professional and Olympic-level boxing coach. As the head coach of the National Boxing Team in Cuba and the Dominican Republic Olympic Boxing Team, Dr. Diaz has trained Olympic champions and professional boxers and MMA fighters from around the world, including Miguel Cotto, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Xu Can, and Filip Hrgovic, to name a few.

With a doctorate in Pedagogical Sciences and a specialization in boxing, Dr. Diaz has made substantial contributions to the field of boxing coaching. His research on training methodologies for high-performance boxers has earned him invitations to give seminars and courses globally.

In conclusion, Mundo Boxing is a brand that embodies the passion, experience, and dedication of its founder, Dr. Pedro Diaz. The brand’s commitment to providing specialized training and practical solutions aimed at improving athletic performance makes it a trusted name in the world of combat sports.

Mundo Boxing Warrior 305 gloves
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Mundo Boxing Warrior 305 gloves

The WARRIOR 305 series pro-fight boxing gloves from Mundo Boxing are the ultimate weapon for any fighter looking for both comfort and durability. The gloves are made from premium quality Genuine Cow Hide Leather, which provides a sturdy build that will last through even the most rigorous training sessions. Comfort ...

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