There are several common mistakes, especially when it comes to heavy workout for beginners. In this article, I will focus on these mistakes. I will try to explain what to do and what not, with the idea of ​​saving you valuable time that you can use to improve your technique and condition. Are you ready? […]

HEAVY BAG FOR A WORKOUT! How to choose it?

Materials The outer materials. Leather Synthetic Leather (PU) Vinyl (PVC ) Plastic Filling Fiber Foam Sand Water Weight Mounting Freestanding heavy bags Wall-mounted. Classic hanging with chain or straps Price range If you practice MMA, Boxing, or any style of martial art, you surely know that the choice of the heavy bag for a workout is […]

Heavy Bag workout for beginners. THE BEST TIPS AND TRICKS.

BENEFITS GEAR REQUIRED TIPS and TRICKS MISTAKES A heavy bag is one of the main tools for training when it comes to boxing. It can seem not so difficult hitting the heavy bag, but if you are a beginner and you have a Heavy Bag workout for the first time, you may find yourself facing […]

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