YOGA in martial arts! 3 Body weapons!

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By Incorporating yoga in the martial arts, these two radically different phenomena can actually be mixed into a powerful combination of mind and body, giving you the right mental system achieving the victory. With other words mental strength.

Many martial masters think that yoga is applicable and suitable for all of the martial arts.

Each fighter faces himself, both in training and in competition. Here is the moment when some of them use yoga practices, seeking ways to control and master their consciousness and emotions.

Those people who are seriously engaged in MMA, Boxing or any traditional martial art, may practice yoga techniques which will be helpful in achieving high sporting results.

Beware! Yoga is a powerful but sneaky system. If you are trying to integrate only yoga techniques in your martial art workout without bearing in mind another practice, then the results may have been negative

In which cases you should use yoga practices?

When you complete the preparation process and need a little bit more restoration.

When emotional tension is accumulated.

When you feel stiff and your flexibility is less.

If you are recovering from injuries

When you want to speed up the recovery process;

When you want to reveal the reserves and potential of your organism.

What can the combination of martial arts and yoga give to you?

  • You can increase your mental and body abilities (from treating old injuries, increasing flexibility, improving circulation and breathing to eliminating depression, a bad mood, and even mental traumas);
  • You may Discover creative and volitional abilities.

How your mind will react during a battle depends entirely on your inner peace and adjustment.

Yoga is a wonderful tool for working with consciousness. The mental state of each fighter is of paramount importance during training, as well as during the bout itself.

When the spirit and body are assembled in one, you can achieve this inner balancing, which will surely bring you high results.


The coach is screaming: Breath, Breath, Breath! But do you know how to do it?

Do you have enough air during bouts?

Breathing is everything! It’s a basic function of life. The correct breathing is beyond strategy, beyond technique.

The breathing is essential for any combat sport. We easily forget how to breathe because we have never been interested and exercised for that.  Breathing has always been a natural process for us until we have to go into the ring and everything is …over!

How can we continue the fight when we haven’t mastered our breathing?
Proper inhalation and exhale will allow you to relax, think and attack strongly!

The rule is:

“Different breathing for different movements.”

Breathing gives energy to all movements. Slow and intense movements will require slow and intense exhalation. Rapid and explosive types of movements will require rapid, explosive exhalation.

Just as the nature of your movements changes, the nature of your exhale changes with it. Learning how to breathe in a battle requires learning how to breathe in different ways, not just one.

Are you tried to exhale slowly and at the same time to move quickly, or to exhale quickly and to move smoothly and slowly?

Try to hit when you slowly breathe the air …!

Did you notice that the blows pushed your air?

This is because muscle contraction and rhythm of breath naturally work together.

How to exercise breathing?

The ultimate goal of breathing is to give the body as much oxygen as needed to relax the organism and allow it to move naturally. You do not have to think about “perfect” breathing.

The purpose of breathing is to get used to the fight without allowing external factors (nervousness, suppression, etc.) to affect your breathing during the fight.

In a sense, your rhythm of combat is actually the rhythm of your breath. if you fight in your rhythm, you will feel comfortable, able to strike, defend and move whenever you want, all with minimum energy.

If you fight in the rhythm of your opponent, you will always feel compelled to attack or defend when you are not ready (when you are unable to breathe).

Good advice for practicing breathing is to train with a mouth protector. Many coaches tell their students to run with it in their mouths, as well as work on a heavy bag with a mouth guard.

At one point, this kind of training will no longer be necessary as you will have learned to breathe effectively. After all, the mouth guard is designed to breathe through the nose and then to breathe through the mouth.

Just remember!

“A fighter who controls his breathing can impose the rhythm, the pace and the rules of the battle!”


Why is it important to stretch before or after a workout?

In any sport, stretching is the basic method which prepares the body for physical activity or recovering after a heavy workout.

In Japan says that with stretching exercise and developing your flexibility you will achieve harmony of your body and guide your way to youth.

The lack of flexibility of joints and muscles limits the performance of your muscles, which leads to the possibility of various traumas and problems.

The advantages of the stretching:

  • Reduce tension in the muscles and joints, and helps to relax the body;
  • Increases coordination and increases the range of motion,
  • Prevents injuries ;
  • Develops concentration ;
  • Stimulates blood circulation, helping to improve muscle recovery.

Flexibility is a very important part of the strength training and speed development program.
Flexible and relaxed muscles are the key to fast and lightning strikes.

This is the secret of many martial arts masters and champions. Your body must be relaxed but ready to react to the moment. In combination with proper breathing, you can achieve incredible results.

Advice !

The most appropriate training for effective rapid punch is as follows:

  1. Take a few stretching exercises
  2. Now take a deep breath and slowly exhale
  3. Keep your lungs devoid of air for 3 seconds and try to relax as much as possible.
  4. Now take fast air and blow your shot.

Do it a few dozen times: exhale, retention, relaxation, abrupt air intake, and shot. The results will not be delayed.

Besides conventional stretching methods (standard exercises), there are some gadgets that would help you to achieve your goals. For example, a martial arts stretching machine would be useful to you.

Armed with these three perfect body weapons, your way to victory depends only on your efforts, stubbornness, and training.

Now go to work out!

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YOGA in martial arts! 3 Body weapons!

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