Weighted gloves- the best way to improve punching speed and power !

wheited gloves

Are the weighted gloves the best tool that can help you to develop the quick hands and the powerful punches that you need?

If your muscles are not well developed, it means that they don’t function optimally and they don’t generate enough force and speed to achieve good results. The best way to improve the punching speed and power is to pick the right tool and exercises. Training with weighted gloves is one of the best ways to improve the stamina of the body, the power, and the speed of the hits.

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What means “weighted gloves”!

The weighted gloves are used in boxing and mixed martial arts as a method of increasing muscle mass in the arms, shoulders and the upper back.

Stronger muscles lead to improved punching power and with the right combination of technical exercises, good results are also achieved to improve the speed of impact.

They are usually made with the addition of a variety of weights to fingerless gloves. The most commonly used are gloves with weights of two lbs, but weights depend on the results that must be achieved.

Some gloves are made so that the weights can be replaced with lighter or heavier ones if desired.

They are used in almost all sports. Except for improving the muscles of the arms and the back, the weighted gloves are used to increase the intensity of cardiovascular workouts and to improve muscle tone.

The best way that you can use weighted gloves when training, is making shadow boxing. They are constructed to increase the cardio activity level and it is not a good idea to punch bag with them or worse – to sparring.

They don’t have any padding or protection that you need to protect your hands or your partner.

Weighted gloves or dumbbells?

Weighted gloves or dumbbells

As an alternative to weighted gloves in many boxing clubs, dumbbells of varying weight are used. Both methods are used to achieve better speed and improve the overall endurance of the athletes.

It is difficult to determine which one is a better tool for achieving the best power and speed of the punches.

Dumbbells are usually heavier than gloves. Their weight varies between one and forty-five kilograms, and some models can change their weight depending on the additional weight plates that can be added or removed.

Many boxers use the dumbbells as an alternative, but I prefer the gloves because in the case of a casual accident dumbbells can cause unpleasant injuries. (For example, your foot will not be grateful if you drop a 3-kilogram dumbbell on top of it.)

So the difference between the two tools is the degree of control. When using dumbbells during training your palms and wrists are constantly engaged and under stress.

On the other hand, the weighted gloves are conveniently attached to your hands and in most cases, you can use freely your fingers.

The other major difference between dumbbells and gloves is in weight distribution.

While holding the dumbbells, the weight is concentrated in the front of the hands, which loads the wrists. (Using wrist bands is highly recommended.)

The weight of the gloves is contained to the back of your hands and as I mentioned above is well fixed which keeps the weight in place during a hit. Moreover, when the fingers are free, a fist can be formed correctly, which is very important for the beginner’s training.

Whether to train with dumbbells or gloves, make your conclusions and decisions.

My opinion is that gloves are the best choice if you want to improve the speed and the power of the punches.

Dumbbells are more appropriate if you want to develop muscle mass because they allow for a much wider range of movements and exercises and are more a tool for fitness and bodybuilding.


Choosing weighted gloves. Some tips.

There is a huge variety on the market. Some weighted gloves are made of neoprene; others are made of leather or cloth. Some of them are fully closed or have a strap that passes through the palm; others are with an open palm, allowing easier gripping.

When choosing gloves, it would be good to comply with several factors:

  • Free use of hands.

 If you are an MMA fighter, look for gloves with weights concentrated on the back of the hand. It would be good for you to be able to push, throw and grasp.

  • Gloves must be adjustable

Gloves that do not have this feature are bad for you if you want to practice a shadow box for longer sessions. The Gloves should fit you well and this is not possible unless you have an adjustable option. During a workout when your hands are sweaty, this feature is necessary.

  • How to Choose Weight

The weight of the gloves should be adapted to the physical form of the athlete and the results to be achieved. Some research suggests that the best weight of the weighted gloves must be 20% more than the weight of the gloves we usually work with.

I find this video very useful when you are hesitant about how much should be the maximum weight of the gloves when shadowboxing.

Best weighted gloves for shadow boxing

MaxxMMA Adjustable Weighted Gloves

These gloves are great if you want to add some weight to your cardio workouts. They will help you build some muscle and make your movements more precise and fast without you even noticing. They are made out of neoprene for a comfortable, snug no-slip fit that is also breathable. They are sturdy and high quality, with removable weights inside in case you decide to switch how much weight you want to work out with, and they come in different colors for an extra stylish look!

They are quite sturdy and well built, easy to wash, and good looking as well. The only downside might be that the weight is too small for those of us that work out the regular and have some muscle already.

All in all, these weighted gloves are absolutely perfect if you just started boxing and you want to build some power into your punches, or if you want to make your movements faster!


Nayoya Weighted Gloves

 weighted gloves

These gloves are fantastic for those of you that prefer safety and sturdiness over the flexibility of the material. These gloves are quite big, however, they feel light and don’t impede your movements too much which makes them perfect for beginners (the lightweight of 1 pound is also very easy to work with too).

The materials are neoprene and velcro which makes these gloves quite breathable and soft, and the sweat dries fast (you will still want to wash them between workouts, however). They are easy to put on, but a little more oppressive than other types of gloves and they offer some resistance if you want to close your fist. They are also great for petite women, as they provide a quite snug and comfortable fit that won’t slip even if you are small.

The only downsides are they don’t offer a big variety of colors and sizes and I don’t think the weight is removable, but you can always add dumbbells to your boxing if you want to increase the weight!



Prosource Fit Weighted Gloves


Prosource Fit Weighted Gloves, Pair of 2 lb. Neoprene Hand Weights for Cardio Workouts


  • Minimalistic
  • Tight fit
  • Neoprene and Velcro
  • Breathable



  • The weight is not removable
  • Few colors


Price: $13.99

Buy Now


Ringside Weighted Gloves

weighted gloves ringside

Ringside Weighted Gloves


  • Comfortable fit
  • Neoprene and Velcro
  • Extra flexibility and breathability


  • Lack of sizing and colors
  • The weight is not removable

Price: $14.44

Buy Now


Xtra Edge Weighted Gloves

weighted gloves xtra edge

These gloves are excellent if you want extra mobility and freedom for things such as gripping or extending your hands! They are really well made, with a design that adjusts and molds to the shape of your hand, a snug fit that is not constrictive yet is comfortable and velcro to close them for a no-slip fit!

In addition, the materials are also excellent featuring lycra for its anti-odor capacities and an absorbent cloth to easily wipe your sweat off your brow.

These gloves also come with a lot of choices in the size department, and the weights are removable for ease of wash and in case you want to increase how much weight you use.

Not a lot of choice when it comes to colors, however, but I don’t mind as I care for value over style.

All in all, perfect gloves for those that want sturdy, snug gloves that will last them a lifetime!


Playwell Martial Arts Weighted Shadow Box Gloves

weighted gloves shadow boxing

Playwell Martial Arts Weighted Shadow Box Gloves – 3Kg


  • An extra layer of protection
  • Neoprene and Velcro
  • Heavier than most shadow boxing gloves (muscle development)
  • Tight fit
  • Unconventional design


  • Doesn’t allow  a lot of mobility
  • The weights are not removable
  • Few colors and sizes


Price: $45.98

Buy Now



Ring to Cage Power Weighted Super Bag Boxing Gloves

weighted gloves for boxing

These gloves are absolutely perfect for those that appreciate having a more “traditional” glove that completely covers their hands and provides an extra layer of protection, instead of those gloves that offer more flexibility and breathability.

These gloves are excellent, sturdy, and high quality, made out of genuine leather and they have a zip on the wrist to keep them snug and comfortable without them slipping off or moving, which is fantastic if you don’t like your gloves slipping off. They also come with different weights and you can add as many or as little as you want, which is great for when you are a little more advanced.

The only downsides are that they don’t offer a lot of choices when it comes to sizes or colors, and they aren’t great if you prefer gloves where you are able to move your hands freely.

All in all, these are some of the best gloves for shadow boxing! I love them!


The Alternative!

Resistance bands

I must mention another alternative to the dumbbells and gloves that gain popularity. It is called “Resistance bands”. This is a very cleverly designed tool for  MMA, Traditional martial arts, and Shadowboxing training.

It is a belt that is wrapped around the waist. Few elastic straps are attached for gaining resistance. Thanks to this resistance when punching, your muscles gradually begin to adapt.  With time, speed and strength will grow naturally.

You may check for more info



Using weighted gloves in shadow boxing is a good idea mainly because you can feel almost an instant improvement in your punching speed after a few sessions of hard training.

Besides, shadowboxing with weights, works wonderful for a building of shoulder and arm strength, especially if you’re looking to build punching power as well as punch speed.

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7 thoughts on “Weighted gloves- the best way to improve punching speed and power !

  1. Exactly gloves are the best choice to improve the power and speed of punches. For an athlete to be balance , the gloves must fit perfectly in other to attack his opponent.  Doychin I have Seen metallic gloves that some athletes do put on and I do wonder if the heaviness of the gloves does not affect the athlete performance. Thanks for the amazing post ,I have bookmark your page in other to follow up.

  2. Using weighted gloves is a great way to improve in your boxing training. Using dumb bells is also good, but I believe that the weighted glove method of training is a far better and innovative way of improving one’s boxing skills. 

    So, I will strongly recommend the use of weighted boxing gloves. 

  3. I have read this article very carefully, I got very important information in this article about Choosing Weighted Gloves, After reading this article, I was able to really point out that if boxer uses the correct weighted gloves, then a boxer will increase its punching speed, I also agree with you that it is better for a boxer to have weighted gloves than a dumbbells. Thank you very much

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing this nice review on weighted gloves, I appreciate you taking time and breaking it all down for us. This is great. Thanks for the info on the glove, I do enjoy watching boxing but I don’t really know much about how boxers train. I will refer my friend who is a boxer read this review. Thanks for sharing this review, Keep up your good work.

  5. How heavy can these types of gloves get? I’d imagine that any weight change would be hella noticeable. I’ve never used any weighted gloves before, and my shadow boxing routine is dodgy at best, so I’ll have to get better with that since I look like i’m just flailing my arms around half the time. I was told that’s because I think to hard about it, which is definitely true. But anyways yeah I’ll definitely look into a pair of these.

  6. Thoughnot a regular or professional boxer I engage in boxing exercise as part of my routine. As I right handed person, I find it pretty hard to increase the speed of the left hand, though when I swing with it the punch power is great.

    with what you have outlined here with the help of weighted gloves, I will try to improve the speed and power of my punches, mostly of the left hand.

  7. Hey Doychin,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information regarding Weighted Gloves. A couple of weeks back, I purchased a pair of weighted gloves from amazing, and as you mentioned in this article, m punching power has improved a lot. The heavier the gloves, the stronger the punch. 

    When I tried it out on the first day, my hands felt really painful because I was using light gloves before. So, I was not used to it. But after a couple of days, it felt quite good.

    Thanks a lot for taking your time in writing this detailed blog post. Keep up the good work Doychin!

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Weighted gloves- the best way to improve punching speed and power !

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